Today, I was in a mommy and me class and one of my fellow moms didn’t show up. I was bummed because she is one of the only cool mom’s in the class. Then one mom started to talk about how she probably missed the class because she is going through a horrible divorce which is probably why their son isn’t crawling and they probably got a divorce because the woman never takes a shower and blah blah blah.

I wanted to shout at her and say some kids don’t crawl but walk early. Some kids crawl early but walk late. How could the divorce be effecting the child’s crawling and maybe the reason they are getting a divorce is because the husband cheated on her so maybe it is better for the child that they divorce and what does showering have to do with it and WHAT MOM HAS TIME TO TAKE A SHOWER EVERYDAY… oh and SHUT THE F*** UP.

Instead, I just mummbled, “You are mean. Haven’t you ever seen Bambi?” Everyone shut up and looked at me like I was the crazy one.

I love Bambi even though it is a scary story but who can resist cute animals? I love when Thumper’s mom reminds him of what his Dad said which is “If you can’t say anything nice don’t say anything at all.” I love this and try to follow it everyday.

But now I want to take it a step forward because I need to get rid of some negativity in my life. So from now on…

If I don’t have anything nice to listen to I won’t listen at all

If I don’t have anything nice to read I won’t read at all

And if I don’t have anything nice to watch I won’t watch anything at all

This may not make complete sense to everyone but it does to me because if you pay attention to the negativity it only gets worse and ruins your day. And then the negativity gets exactly what it wants attention and a sad you! So today I am going to start only allowing nice things into my life.

Like this adorable picture!

Stay Glamorous,


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13 responses to “THUMPER’S FATHER ROCKS

  1. oh darlin, i hate to thing of what made you post this, but I hope that this finds ya well and that you again get only happy happy joy joy things going on in your life, take care sweetie and yea next time, let Amelia at em cause we all know #yourbabyisgangsta!!!!!! hugs and kisses

  2. So, so true…
    Love, love Bambi!

  3. Good for you Shannon!!! A few years ago, I adopted the same attitude. If something or someone brought negativity into my life, I made that thing or person disappear from my life. I choose to bring positivity into the world and surround myself with positive people. It’s the only way to live!!

    And good for you for telling that mom that’s she’s mean! Cuz she is!!

  4. Oh Shannon say you everything!
    The positive brings positive that’s what I convinct every day, but it’s hard!
    Anyway for me to get rid of negativity of life … I do my break @ while coming on your blog! and each time it’s a moment of pure happiness!

    And Bambi, yes it’s sad but it’s also a praise to nature and its innocent occupants! After there are another degrees of analysis, but I feel it would be too complex for this mom! lol!

  5. So true Shannon!
    If you let negativity rule your life, you’ll be a sad SAP!

  6. Well said Shannon!! I too have adopted this way of thinking after and nasty fight with my own sister. I have to limit the amount of time that I spend with her. I love her but I have chosen to take her negativity out of my life as much as I can. Even if it was mumbled I am sure it got some thinking about what they said.
    Hope you have a fabulous day!

  7. AMEN!!! My partner and I have talked about this quite often. Why do women feel the need to trash talk each other? What is it they are trying to prove? The world would be a better place if we all tried to get along and work together or… just keep it to ourselves!

  8. “If you can’t say anything nice don’t say anything at all.” It’s so true.
    And this pic is adorable. 🙂

    In my life, I only take that the good things, trying to avoid the bad things. I try to live positively.

  9. Many people see only the negative side of things and turn a blind eye to the positive side. Nobody lives an uneventful life, we all have ups and downs but you shouldn´t only pay attention to one of them. If there was nothing negative we wouldn´t appreciate the positive things in life.

  10. I’ve missed your posts, my son has been horribly sick… I had computer withdrawal.

    It’s a shame how some moms need to gossip, brag and bring each other down. We should be supporting each other. I never understood why it makes some moms feel good to treat others badly. Not only is it messed up, but what are you modeling for your child? They learn what they see you do, not what you say.

    Groups of moms can be the meanest group of people sometimes.

  11. women are catty B’s. we all say “what high school drama” but it never stops, we age and it just comes with us. avoid the negative nelly’s and be happy. I am happy you stood up for your friend. Maybe if more of us told others “you’re being mean” instead of just keeping it in we might turn one negative person into a positive.

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