If you read my blog you know I love Paris. Yesterday, I missed it a lot so I put Princess A in this cute outfit with little Eiffel Towers on it.The only thing cuter than a baby is a baby wearing something Paris related!I decided to wear something Paris as well so I wore my new Karl Lagerfeld shirt from his new Net-a-Porter collection. I love it because it has Uncle Karl on the front…And on the back! Oh, how I  love Paris, the Eiffel Tower, and Karl Lagerfeld!

Matching top and Pants- Gap (Gift)

My Karl Lagerfeld Shirt- $100 Karl via

Stay Glamorous,


Stay Glamorous,




  1. I’ve read about the Karl Collection, I like your shirt. 😉 And Amelia’s Eiffelturm-Outfit is so sweet…

  2. I love Princess A’s Eiffel Tower outfit! I also love Paris (although I’ve never been) and the Eiffel Tower .. I plan to go before I die though 🙂

  3. Jodie Boudreaux

    Princess A gets cuter and cuter everyday!!!

  4. I love the Karl Lagerfeld Shirt!
    And princess A is cute as always… no matter what she wears.

  5. Two girls who look absolutely fabulous and having a great time while doing it! Love both outfits.

  6. Princess A is really cute.
    I like yours pics Shannon.

  7. It’s beautiful …
    Small Eiffel Tower for Princess and your t-shirt Karl. .. I love it!

  8. ZOMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You already know how I feel about the Eiffel Tower and zomg, I might just have to beg ya for that outfit from Amelia even though we both know it would never fit me and I will never have another daughter to wear it. I might someday have a granddaughter who would be able to fit into it though. ZOMG did i say GRANDDAUGHTER?????????????????? NO NO NO NO NO not for another 15 years or so, please kids??? lol You look adorable as always hun.

  9. This outfit with the eiffel tower is so cute.
    I love it so much and your shirt too!!

  10. ooooh, I want A’s outfit for my little one!

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