Yesterday, was a crazy day… I know. We all found out that my sister , Elizabeth Sutherland, turned 15. It is extremely shocking because I remember her as a baby and now she is a teenager. Above is a picture of her squashing my head… she is very strong!

Because of this news I have reached 950 twitter followers and I am only 50 followers away from my goal. At which point, I will share my favorite pictures from my LA trip and stop asking for followers. For real.

I know you are expecting some earth shattering opinions on yesterday and I will not leave you unsatisfied. But I am warning you that this is a long post but at the heart of it is a about just a simple baby with a dream…A dream to eat fried chicken and waffles and not just any chicken and waffles but ROSCOE’S chicken and waffles.One of the first things we did in LA was go to Roscoe’s. It is The Husband Aaron and mine favorite place in LA and we wish they would open a store in NY. The picture above has no relevance except that I think my rack looks hot and since I am a new mom who is usually covered in poop, pee, and puke I need to post pics of me looking hot. Look at Princess A giving me the stink eye though!We literally dinned like a president because President Obama has eaten at Roscoe’s!The Husband Aaron and I were so excited to order!Uncle J showed Princess A the menu but we were like, “Stop she is a BABY she can’t eat chicken and waffles!”We didn’t order anything for Princess A but when the food came she tried to steal my fried chicken.Princess A started to cry because we wouldn’t share our food with her. She was like, “What? I flew all the way to LA and you aren’t going to give me even a little bit of Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles?!?!?!?!”Uncle J and Aunt Sheila didn’t want to get involved but felt very bad for Princess A.So we caved and gave her some chicken and waffles. She was so happy she couldn’t stop shaking her sippy cup!She enjoyed herself but made a bit of a mess.“And you thought I couldn’t handle chicken and waffles… think again Mom and Dad! Watch me dominate the fried chicken and waffles!”We admitted to Princes A that we were wrong and she forgave us.Until she got mad at us for making her wear a bib!I mean who needs a bib when you have a tutu to catch your food!

So here’s my opinion on yesterday. If a baby wants chicken and waffles give them chicken and waffles. If they don’t want to wear a bib while eating said chicken and waffles don’t make them wear a bib. Oh and Happy Birthday to my sister Elizabeth!!!!!

Stay Glamorous,



18 responses to “MY OPINIONS ON YESTERDAY…

  1. It never fails..When you don’t order them anything they will eat EVERYTHING on your plate. If you get them their own food they decide they’re not hungry! Oh, ROCK THAT RACK!!! Took me a few years to get into it but i’m finally buying shirts that show..shhhh..CLEVAGE!!! I sometimes forget i’m Jenny too, not just “Mom.”

  2. The adventures of meals with babies… I can’t count mine with Lillian. It starts with smearing tomato sauce into her face, spitting blueberries into my face and watching the soup drip off the spoon to sticking the finger into butter and using it like hair gel. Yummy!

    Princess A’s idea with the tutu is great, maybe I should suggest it to Lillian?! 😀 And she looks so adorable.^^

  3. Your post is great!! All this seems so delicious.
    Princess A. looks happy to taste chicken and waffles and she seems to like it.

  4. OMG!! Shan your captions on this post are The. Best! OH and I totally agree with Mrshyne, just don’t order them anything if you want them to be hungry and steal all your food. This way you get to loose any extra baby weight that might be clinging to you lol…just wish my kid would implement that system. hahaa! Oh and my rack is too big not to rock so I go with it whether I want to or not. lol.
    Stay Fabulous.

  5. I love this post! 🙂
    I think it was a great experience for princess A to eat waffles and chicken… At least she looks very happy. 🙂

  6. So cute! I am happy you enjoyed the place…the one I got to in Long Beach has terrible service =/ MMM but now i’m soooo hungry.

  7. I know people who follow me on twitter know that I love my rack as well. Yours is quite impressive sweetie. Keep enjoying it!!!!! As for this post, OMG never not order that girl food again. For the record, if Uncle J and Aunt Sheila really felt sorry for her, they woulda been sneaking her food #justsaying lol. I’da been like too bad mom, i feeding the baby, she needs food. She’s a growing girl. It sure looks like she enjoyed it a lot. Chicken and waffles???? I’m a southern girl but apparently not that southern of a girl cause ummmm no thanks!!!!!! LOL loved your post, keep it up darlin!!

  8. Oh Princess A, I do love your little faces. The “nom nom” face is awesome, as you shove food in. You tell them whose boss and to feed you!
    (I too fall under the “if i order for her she won’t eat it, but if I don’t she eats the whole table” so having to share with a baby is just great portion control for moms… mommy diet)

  9. Yum, fried chicken & waffles! Looks fantastic 🙂

  10. THIS is why I would order stuff from the kids menu that is not available to adults when my niece was here when she was younger. Now she eats like a champ but usually still just shares an adult meal. I always say I’m on the “Maya diet” when she visits for a week. But, how many times do we check out the kids menu and think, “hmm…that looks good. Too bad I’m not a kid.” ??

  11. Great post… loved the title…

    It’s tough when they want what you’re eating and they can’t have it, then they get to the age when they refuse to eat ANYTHING!

    Happy Belated Birthday to your sister!

  12. Ah children ! or the art of surprise …
    They know what they want and what they do not want, it’s crazy.
    I love this post I’m laughing, although I imagine that the moment I would have rather had as your friends (euh. .. what are we doing there … she really wants the chicken, the little !)

    happy birthday to your sister with a little bit late!

  13. Shannon thank you for these wonderful pictures.

    Princess A is too cute and funny on the picture with his hands on a bottle if I’m not mistaken.
    The photo of you and your husband is very beautiful.

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