This is my sister Stacey and I outside our Grandma’s house. We used to call it the little house and loved visiting it. I actually wish I still had this whale dress because I love whales and I could totally still rock this dress with some red heels… if it came in my size!Here is my sister when she was younger dinning with our Grandma. I love this picture because of the smiles on both their faces. Now I love it because my sister’s baby smile reminds me of Princess A’s. So I played with the picture a bit to make my Grandma look like an angel and now I imagine that she is an angel looking down on all of us… including Princess A.

We still miss you Grandma!

Stay Glamorous,



6 responses to “WE MISS YOU!

  1. That brings tears to my eyes… 😦
    I´m sure that she´s looking down on all of you.

  2. 1. love the matchy-matchy whale dresses.
    2. I’m sorry your grandma isn’t around for you to see, but you’re right, she is definitely looking down on your awesomeness.
    3. you totally made me think of my dad. Every time I see a butterfly I feel like it’s him flying by to see how the girls and I are doing.

  3. Mary Cate Longo

    Beautiful. I never really got to know my grandparents. My Mom’s Dad died when I was 6 weeks old and her mother died when I was 18 months old. My Dad’s Dad died when I was 9 and although his Mom lived until I was in my 20’s, I never really got to know her. She wasn’t a very warm person, at least not towards my brother and I. We were adopted and she never quite accepted us because of it. You know, the whole “blood is thicker” crap. But I totally agree with you about our loved ones becoming guardian angels when they die. I’ve lost both my Dad and my brother and I firmly believe that they are both guardian angels watching over me.

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