A couple of weeks ago Princess A decided she was too cool for a bottle. I got her some sippy cups but she never really figured it out. She would spill the water from the sippy cup on her tray and try to lick it up like a dog. Then I tried the the straw cups but she still didn’t get it. So then I gave up and just gave her a cup. She spilled most of it on her face but then she got the other half of it in her mouth. Above she is having her first tea party with Daddy and Freckles.

I have tried a ton of baby cups and finally found one I like.The Baby Bjorn cup is the perfect size for little hands and the bottom stops most spills. Princess A just loves this cup because it fits in her little hands so nicely it makes her feel like a big girl. The only negative is that it costs $14.95 for one cup… which I hate!!! But it is the only cup Princess A can use where the majority of her water lands in her mouth and not the floor so I guess it is worth it!

Stay Glamorous,




  1. This is just adorable hun.

  2. Cute pic! ..and I like your choice of brand! Baby Björn is the shit 😛

  3. Look at her smile! Princess A brightens my life every day.

  4. Daddy and daughter pictures are some of my absolute faves. I love seeing my “manly man” hubby do little girl things… warms my heart. Thanks for the cup tip. We’re just trying to start a “big girl” cup and haven’t had much luck, maybe we’ll try this cup.

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