The Husband Aaron asked me if I was excited for today and I said, “Yes, I can’t wait to shop Jason Wu’s Target Line!” He was talking about the Super Bowl but honestly I don’t care and don’t even know who is playing. All I care about is Jason Wu.

Stay Glamorous,



8 responses to “SUPER BOWL… SCHMUPER BOWL!

  1. Ahhhh…I am so glad I’m not alone on this one…I could care less…I just went to the grocery store and every man had this huge smile on his face like it was the first time he had ever had sex…hmm I wonder what guys would be happier with…sex or the Super Bowl…I bet it would be close…

  2. Super bowl… broadcast live – even in Germany. 😦
    Thank god there´s no man around me who wants to watch it. 😉

  3. Yeah. Midnight (GMT +1) – Super Bowl in Sat 1. They made a fuss about it since last sunday. *rolls eyes* I even know who was playing but just because I didn’t fall asleep until 00:15… 😉

  4. I hope you picked something fabulous and it gets delivered. Heard there was lots of overselling and “hoarders” who went into the stores and bought them out to resell at a higher price. I watched from abroad at all the pretty stuff that gradually showed up… there were some really awesome pieces

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