Here’s Princess A cracking up at our doorman. So basically she laughs at everyone and everything except The Husband Aaron and I… and we are professional comedians!Close up of the socks… can’t forget that! Oh how I love baby feet in baby socks!Here she is still laughing at the doorman… not me. But she is showing off her fab upper teeth! I also love how her hair goes naturally into a mohawk. See letting you hair do what it does naturally is always glam. Go Mohawk! Go Mohawk! Go Mohawk!

Shirt- 77 kids (Gift from Aunt Stacey)

Socks- Trumpette (Gift)

Pants- ON SALE NOW at for $9.60

Stay Glamorous,



15 responses to “PRINCESS A’S OUTFIT OF THE DAY!

  1. She´s got a really cute smile… Looks so adorable when she´s showing her teeth. 😉

  2. Just TOO cute! I needed that smile this morning. Thank you.

  3. OMG! She is so adorable! I just wanna hug her!
    I love baby feet too..

  4. I love the way she sticks her tongue out lol, and showing off those teeth is great. Those socks are great, looks like shes wearing shoes. I just love the blanket she is sitting on as well. I love fuschia.

  5. The first pic is funny and cute at the same time!! 🙂
    I love the mohawk!!

  6. You’re making me want to go shopping. New socks and fun shirts are on my list now for my monster baby.

  7. I love it! She’s so cute!

  8. I just have to say once again, how happy I am that Jackson suggested that we follow you. Honestly, I look forward to seeing Princess A’s Outfit of the Day every day. She’s so adorable! If I’m having a bad day – like I was yesterday – one look at her and I instantly smile. Thanks for sharing her with us Shannon! 🙂

    • That means a lot Mary… especially since people say I am only doing well because of J. I am glad princess A brightens your day.

      • Mary Cate Longo

        People like that need to mind their own business.All J can do is open the door for you, like he did when he said to follow you on twitter. What happens after that is totally up to you. Yes, I’m a 100 Monkeys fan. I can’t deny it. And I really love the pictures you post of them. But that’s not the main reason I follow you. I like reading your blog. What you have to say interests me. If J hadn’t said anything and I stumbled across your blog strictly by chance, I’d still But I’m glad that J at least steered me in the right I was able to find you sooner than later.

      • Thanks Mary! That means a lot! Thanks for the support and I will keep writing interesting posts!

  9. ok you have the most adorable baby!!! the face in the first pic is priceless! #pleasedonotgivemebabyfever!

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