Superfan Lara Johnson took the unicorn picture from a previous post and turned into this beauty in honor of Ben Graupner and his love of My Little Ponies and unicorns. This brightened my day and I have pains from laughing.

The Husband Aaron and I have had this song by Asteroids Galaxy Tour stuck in our heads all week. I finally got it out and then I saw this picture and it reminded me of this song. Ahhhhhh… at least it is a fab song. I bet Ben G. wished he was an adult in the golden age of  My Little Ponies… the 80s.

I really have nothing else to say because I think this fabulous picture can speak for itself!

Stay Glamorous,


image via Lara Johnson


12 responses to “BEN G… BRONY FOR LIFE

  1. HAHAHAHA!!! Thank you Lara for making my night, have you told you I love you girl!!? x’D And thank you Shannon for posting it!

  2. zomg wow there are no words to describe what i am thinking right now lol

  3. This is just brilliant.

  4. The only thing that may top the “brony” pic is maybe he was sporting the muppet jack. You think Princess A could loan hers to Ben?

  5. I love Lara! She’s hilarious!
    Awesome picture!
    And Ben should show his love for such things proudly!
    My nephew (21), loves Care Bears… LOL

  6. Haha! thats awesome! i love it 😛

  7. Hahaha! That´s awesome! Love it! 🙂

  8. Thanks Lara for this collage, it’s awesome!! I love it!! 🙂

  9. Gonna be honest. Seeing this first thing after waking up has scared me a little… but it’s woken me up 🙂

  10. Love this!! Well done Lara. I read this post while on a packed train on my way home from work and laughed quite loudly, needless to say I got a few strange looks!! Not the first and wont be the last that happens I’m sure 🙂 Thanks for posting. xx

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