Princess A is starting to get more hair. It sticks up sometimes and I love it because she looks like Dennis the Menace. Here she is turning Daddy’s play station on and off.  She loves the sound it makes and it is her favorite toy. If I knew this a couple of months ago I would have saved a lot of money on toys!Here she is climbing on me and trying to bite me. if you have any tips on getting her to stop biting me it would be awesome. I tried biting hr back and she just laughed at me. The Yo Gabba Gabba episode on biting was awesome but it was over her head!

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Stay Glamorous,




  1. With Orion we use to act like we were crying and then he’d cry cause the thought he hurt us. It’s worth the try with her.

  2. Your baby is gangsta, be glad she’s only biting and not popping a cap in yo ass. 😀

  3. My nephew used to bite us and we just stopped talking to him. He got bored with it, because he wasnt getting a reaction out of us. Its worth a shot, he would laugh at us when we cried too! I dont know what that’s about…smh

  4. LOL! I bought so many toys for my son but he always played with the things he actually shouldn´t play with or just with things you´d have never guessed that they can be interesting for kids.
    Give her a (squeaky) stuffed animal for biting.

  5. What a flipping cute outfit.

    When Anthony would bite me I could shout “OW” and turn my back on him. (yes, like I did with my dog). He would get upset and pull at me to get my attention. After a few times he learned that if he bites me he doesn’t get my attention. He stopped VERY quickly.

  6. aww that second picture is the most adorable! and gosh the polka dots and tights that look like shoes! haha “Don’t…Don’t, don’t bite your friends!” I guess it doesn’t apply to moms !!!

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