This is Lisa. She is an adorable dog owned by super fan Nadine. I used to be afraid of big dogs especially pit bulls. Then I moved to a building with TONS of pit bulls which is shocking because most buildings in NY don’t allow pit bulls. When I got Freckles I was forced to interact with these scary dogs and realized they weren’t scary at all. In fact, my Cavalier King Charles Spaniel can be way more aggressive than some of the pitbulls in my building.

Then I started doing some research and found out that pit bulls used to be nanny dogs. Rich and Poor families a like would get a pit bull to protect and play with their children. The above quote is by Yonah Ward Grossman. I believe this to be true. When I meet a loving and adorable pit bull I usually find a love able and nice owner. On the RARE occasion I meet an aggressive pit bull the owner is usually yelling at their dog. It’s sad because so many pit bulls are put down every year and maybe if they were treated differently things would be different.

My dog’s friend Jameson is a pit bull. He lets my small dog be the dominate one and cries if he doesn’t get enough attention from my family. He is also so gentle with my daughter. I love the pictures above and hope that one day every dog gets a chance to live with a loving family. But it has to start with us… because you know what they say… behind every great human is a great dog and behind every great dog is a great human.

Stay Glamorous,


images via ywgrossman.com

Picture of Lisa via Superfan Nadine


6 responses to “PIT BULLS ROCK

  1. I used to own two considered aggressive dog, one was Jessy 1984 a rescued coco pit bull and in 1995 Tobie a rescued rottweiler, both were teddy bears, protective only when needed, both died of old age, and were loyal to the end. Now I own a older rescued Cocker Spaniel, and breeder bought puppy Dachshund, they act tougher then either of my others did, it’s all in how they are raise, the inborn breed traits, and the owners handling……

  2. Oh, my cute doggy! 🙂
    Lisa is really a nanny. She protects my son, they play an cuddle with each other etc. I hope Lisa and her conspecifics will have a better reputation someday. Thank you for posting Shannon!

  3. Wow, thanks for that info. Pit Bulls get a really bad wrap here in new Zealand too.
    We have a british bulldog, people get intimidated by her but the reality is she is such a placid girl and great with the kids (although we never ever leave her unsupervised with the kids because she is still a dog and I can’t read her mind lol)

    • I agree… I never leave Princess A unsupervised with a dog I also used to be afraid of bulldogs until I moved into my dog obsessed building. @ of my dogs best friends are bulldogs and they are sweet to my daughter and again submissive to my spaniel lol.

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