Don’t Shop… adopt. Help Give My Stuff a New Home!

It’s really hard for me to just throw things out or give them away. I am always afraid they will end up with a bad owner and not get appreciated like when the toys were dropped of at the daycare in Toy Story 3.

I also LOVE to shop. I am great and finding unique stuff for good prices. I really think I would be best suited as a professional shopper but until then I will be selling my fabulous stuff on ebay. None of the stuff is unwanted but I have to get rid of it because…

1- If I keep shopping like this we will not be able to afford an education for Princess A

2- We live in a small apartment and have no space

3- My feet grew a size during pregnancy and I can’t fit into my shoes now

4- Princess A grows out of clothes constantly

5- My body also changed and I no longer look good in certain outfits

So, every Wednesday I will put new items up for sale on my ebay store and on Tuesday the auction will end. I will send you your item ASAP and then if you want to be featured on my blog just email me a picture of you in my fabulous stuff!

Also, please give me good comments. if you have a problem please email me directly and I will fix it. Bad comments will make it harder for me to sell in the future.

To view my ebay store click here!

Stay Glamorous,



7 responses to “MY GLAM STORE IS UP!

  1. May you do well with your Glam-store, Shannon! 🙂 Don´t worry I´m sure your stuff will get awesome new owners.

  2. Cool stuff! You seem to have a superglam wardrobe! I wish mine was like that! 😉

  3. YEAH! so glad your store is up, hopefully you do well and just in time for tax returns to start coming back. I will be looking in the near future!

  4. Awesome job Shannon! Wishing you great luck!

  5. Best of luck! Totally wishing my feet were a size smaller and my baby wasn’t such a monster. Please post reminders when you update your store. My babies eat my brain and I can’t keep up with what day it is.

  6. these little little baby pics are so adorable. I love when they are that little and don’t fuss about what they are wearing! now I can’t get mine to wear anything but crocs and everything has to be purple! 🙂

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