Thank you all for helping me get 900 followers. I only need 100 more before I show you my favorite pictures of my LA trip and more importantly stop begging for followers. So here are the pictures I promised but they have a very interesting story.

We decided to have a BBQ our first night in LA. Jackson loves Heinz ketchup so we had a “Ketchup Lovers Size” ketchup bottle delivered to the the hotel. I love LA!!!! Above is our delivery woman. The woman to the left is Ben Graupner’s girlfriend… just kidding… or am I? Anyway, we were so happy because we just can’t get enough ketchup!At first I thought Ben and Jackson were the stars because they did all the cooking.But then suddenly the “Ketchup Lovers Size” ketchup bottle exploded and ketchup went everywhere. We wanted ketchup but this was beyond insane. It got on the walls, floor, and Ben G. The only reason Jackson is smiling is because he loves Ketchup.It got all over the table and food. We wanted a lot of ketchup but sometimes when you get what you wish for it’s just too much. We started to drown in ketchup. We cried and prayed for someone or something to save us. Jackson was even crying because he loves ketchup but never thought his favorite food could kill him.Then suddenly a cat jumped through our hotel window and started to eat all the ketchup. This was not just any cat. It was SUPER CAT DEAN. Luckily, Dean loves ketchup so this was an easy job for him.Β  Soon all the ketchup was gone and we were not drowning in it anymore. Jackson and Sheila gave SUPER CAT DEAN lots of love and affection for saving the day. We were finally able to enjoy our BBQ and then we found out who the real star was… SUPERCAT DEAN!

So the moral of the story is sometimes you can have too much of a good thing and when you are drowning in ketchup who yah gonna call???


Stay Glamorous,


big ketchup bottle image via Heinz Corporation



  1. This post reminds me of the movie ‘Big Daddy’…the cutesy kid that loved to drink ketchup and Adam Sandler’s character telling him: ‘Easy on the ketchup Frankenstein!’ LOL…I know, I’ve seen one too many movies and I remember the silliest of things, although I still cannot remember where I put that blush 3 months ago :s

  2. HaHa…cats always save the day. YAY for Super Cat Dean!!

  3. And I’m crying too…because I’m laughing so much!!!!!!!! Hilarious!
    My brothers friend had a dog from a rescue charity and he called him Heinz. I asked him, “Why Heinz??” He replied, “Because he’s 57 different varieties!!!” Thats true! And he was the strangiest looking dog I’ve ever seen!
    Thanks for todays giggle!

  4. I so needed that laugh and smile. I’m telling you cats are so much cooler then dogs. Thanks for sharing. πŸ˜€

  5. To read this post was so much fun. πŸ™‚ OMG! You made my day! πŸ™‚

  6. This story is hilarious!! I laugh so much. πŸ™‚
    Dean is the best cat of world!!
    I love Heinz too!!

  7. I couldn’t stop smiling while I was reading your post! You’ve brought back sunshine in my weird day !

  8. YAY! for Super Cat Dean. Great Story. I love Ketchup to, but all over the walls… YUCK

  9. LOL absolutely loved that story! Sounds like the BBQ was a success!

  10. WTG Supercat Dean, I always knew he was special.

  11. Aww, what’s not to love about this! Dean – the super star cat, Heinz ketchup – my family thrives on it and no substitution will do, and bbq – yum!!!

  12. I think my 22 month old would fight the “meow meow” for that “dop dop”… she dips everything in ketchup. Love the story!

  13. That is such and INCREDIBLE picture of those two and Dean!!! I personaly hate ketchup…but this is SOOOOO funny.


    and a Ben G covered with Ketchup! SILLY πŸ˜›

  15. Poor woman in that case!

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