When I was in LA my good friend Colby gave me these cute socks and pants… I couldn’t wait to put them on Princess A but she was in a Beatles kind of mood.

This is her favorite song right now. Whenever they say “Hey” She gives me a high 5 and laughs! I had never seen this video before but I find it cute and hilarious!So I put her in a Beatles top and the outfit was perfect! It was girly with a rock and roll twist! Unfortunately, getting her to show off the outfit was much more difficult!Here she is kind of showing the shirt but you can’t see all the Beatles!!!!So I held her in place and took this picture! Finally you can see all the Beatles!

Shirt- Trunk LTD (Gift)

Socks- Little Me (Gift from Colby)

Pants- Little Me (Gift from Colby)

Stay Glamorous,




  1. So cute! I wanna see how Princess A. gives you a high 5… 😉
    She seems to have a good taste in music.

  2. I love this t-shirt.
    She grown up so fast and she’s very cute. 🙂
    She has good musical taste!! 🙂

  3. LOVE. IT! my favorite band in History. well they have some good competition 😉

  4. I love bows. Bows makes anything look girly. I love it.

  5. I’m loving the socks! Good pick Colby.

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