Last year… or maybe the year before… Helena Bonham Carter wore mismatched shoes to the Golden Globe Awards and it was the biggest CRISIS the world has ever seen. Literally, no one would stop talking about it which I found weird because the only thing Helena Bonham Carter could do with her clothes to shock me would be to dress plainly.

I used to love watching what the celebrities would wear to award shows as a child but now I don’t even watch because they all look boring. Helena Bonham Carter is one of the few celebs that I actually care about because you can tell she has fun with fashion and doesn’t give a shit what anyone thinks!

I love to mismatch my socks but that’s usually as far as I go. But last week for date night I wanted to wear a striped skirt and a striped shirt. I asked The Husband Aaron which I should wear and he said both. At first I was like “YOU CAN’T WEAR STRIPES ON STRIPES!” Then I thought who made that rule and who cares.So I wore both and the outfit was a bit mismatched but I loved it and felt a little bit like Helena Bonham Carter. The date was awesome and we ate at a little French place because we have been missing Paris.

Tights-$14.90 Express

Skirt- $69 Express

Sweater- ON SALE NOW at Urban Outfitters for $29.99

Stay Glamorous and Mismatched,


image via justjared.com


16 responses to “MISMATCHING ROCKS

  1. I never wear matching socks. I’ve heard (psst! straight from the Gube (Matthew Gray Gubler)) that wearing matching ones are bad luck! 😉

  2. I had to stop and say ‘KUDOS’! By now you know that I heart (I mean absolutely heart) Helena and anyone who has the guts to go ‘against the grain’ is cool in my books! As for stripes on stripes. I’ve done it many times and loved it each time 🙂 Fashion is who you are, not a copy from a magazine pic 🙂 Hundred hugs xoxo

  3. You pulled if off perfectly!
    Not many can & the red tights pulled it together!
    And, in NY, I think you can get away w/ it…. If I wore that here, people would think I was on drugs or hooking… (small town minds) …
    I love it!

  4. Thank god there are no rules for what we should wear! I love that outfit and!

  5. What happened? And…
    I wish I was game enough to wear something like that as well…

  6. I love what Helena is wearing here. Her dress is gorgeous, and I would wear that…if I had an occasion to wear it! LOL I even love her hair and glasses (I really want those glasses). I couldn’t believe the fuss that was made about her shoes, it was hilarious. I thought they were brilliant. I’m sure this was the same night that Johnny Depp was interviewed and when asked what he was wearing he replied, “Clothes!!!”
    I like your mismatched stripes, it really works and I think it looks good. You’re making your own rules, going with your own style and thats great! 🙂

  7. Helena is an effing goddess when it comes to fashion. She wears sunglasses and is like take my pic, bwhahahahhaha. When she wore that outfit, I was screaming “You go gurlllllllll!!!!!!!!!!!!” Yea if she was to wear plain clothes then I would think WTF is wrong with her???? I don’t care about what I wear and I never match anything. Which is why i get what I have always gotten. In High school, I received the award at the end of senior year for having the best weirdest style. The other chick going for it was rich and thin and had all the friends. I was poor and put together whatever it was I could get to look cool. And honest to God, the gift they gave with it was these loud, garish earrings with purple, neon green and some other wild colors. And yes, it matched exactly what i was wearing to the after prom party. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!! So of course, I put them right on. Keep on being glam darlin.

  8. Did you grow up watching Punky Brewster? She was one of my favorites.

    I’m not necessarily a mismatcher… lots of my clothes look like I just fell into the Gap, but I totally appreciate all fashion styles. I love the look both you and Helena are sporting. I really love the skirt and red tights. I often commit the sin of doing polka dots and stripes with the kiddos, but I think they look adorable.

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