I found this picture on Instagram and fell in love. It is by Tiffany Nicole Mays and her pictures rock! If you are on Instagram you should definitely follow her!

This is my sentiment exactly. I want to be succesful and famous so unfortunately people are going to hate. Yes, I dress uniquely. Yes, I have awesome friends who promote me. Yes, I have a beautiful daughter. Yes, I have glam friends who hook me up with free designer duds. So why all the hate?

I guess people are jealous… who knows because I have never hated anyone as much as some people seem to hate me. The funny thing is usually when people hate on me they later copy me.

In Kansas, people made fun of me for wearing Betsey Johnson. Now, when I look at their facebook pictures 15 years later they are wearing Betsey Johnson. I have a fab Marc Jacobs diaper bag with panthers on it. In baby class, a mom complained to the teacher saying my bag was too violent. I wanted to yell at her but ignored her instead. The next week, she came to mom class with the same diaper bag as me. I was floored.

So, if you get picked on I would love to tell you it stops but actually it doesn’t …unless you change yourself and become a societal robot. The only thing that changes is you learn how to handle it.

My daughter’s babysitter introduced me to Katt Williams. He has a lot to say about haters. Warning these videos use bad words and are not suitable for children but they are fun for adults.

Stay Glamorous,



40 responses to “F*** HATERS

  1. I LOVE your blog woman… and Katt Williams is hysterical but speaks the truth. Love his line about women who have 14 haters and need 16 by the end of the summer.

    Oh, and if I haven’t said it before i love your style. I couldn’t find a pair knee-high boots because my calves are too curvy. I may be a 16/18 but the boots are made for skin and bone woman?!?!?! So I bought a taupe pair of ankle boots and plan on wearing them with my dark brown knee length skirt and tights and a multicolored top. My mother said they may not match. I looked at her and smiled, “I like them, I think it matches. I love the way I look.”

    I dress for me and only me. Should I dress like the other teachers who show off their cleavage and asses in their low-cut shirts and tight pants?

  2. 😀

    nothing else to say… just


  3. You rock Shannon! xx

  4. Yea unfortunately they do exist, have you been having more issues hun???? You know if you do, I’m here to let ya vent. I’ve always been told I was a good listener.

    • Someone (you know who) criticized my methods and is now copying them lol. And she said some mean thing about how I dress and how I am not realy friends with who I say I am… lol I should post our prom pics! I don’t care much I am just shocked people have that much time and I have a lot of younger readers who email me about getting picked on soooo I want them to know I get picked on too!

      • Don’t post those pics unless u are comfortable with it. Damn she’s really going that far??? I swear upon all that is holy we had better never meet at a concert. That would be me and her lol, u on the other hand, i can’t wait til i maybe someday get a chance to meet ya lol, i’m glad that you are being open. Open is the only way to be, i’m tired of others being all hateful though. Do we not have enough hate in this world???

  5. and BTW where in Kansas??? I lived in Colby, Atwood, Hays, Manhattan, Ogden……. I think thats about it. No wait, Gem and Goodland lol. So I know a bit about Kansas. YAY

  6. Amen Girl! That last video should be your new goal…. to obtain as many haters as you can … then you know YOU’VE MADE IT !

    Stay Beautiful, and F*** the haters,

  7. That´s life! Unfortunately there´s always something what people hate you for. Your job, your friends, your family… 😦 They hate you for the reason that you got everything what they´re wishing for.
    You rock Shannon! And you can be proud of everything you got… no matter what all these haters say or do… Keep it up!

  8. I found people hate because they didn’t think of it first. Like the diaper bag thing? Yeah…. she’ll get the wrinkles long before you do (I’m a firm believer negativity brings wrinkles on). You’re awesome, you’re style reflects that and people just aren’t as brave as you. Let them hate, it’s their role in life.

  9. I say if they have time to hate and talk behind your back I guess you are just that important. 😀 You’re an awesome person and loving the fact that you’re sharing a part of your life with us. keep rocking chicka. And kill them with kindness 😀

  10. It’s so truly!!
    Stay yourself no matter people can say. 🙂

  11. Shannon that is so true!
    You keep being you, because you’re the only one who can be!
    If you ever find yourself in Central Florida, I’d love to meet you!
    You rock!

  12. I would say that most people do that because there kinda… jealous! People can stand seeing, talking with someone who have a good life. The fact that someone else and not THEM is having fun, enjoying life, etc. bug them. Also, I must say that most people that are the first to critic someone else are the ones who have something to hide or are worse than the people they critic. They’ll react swiftly, because they are kinda ashame of the fact they could be abnormal or stand out. They tend to be good little followers of the society, of what they think the society ask them to be. I’ve been a psychology student for the last three years and I can tell a lot about people tendency. I’m not perfect either, but still I think a lot of people should take a look at themselves before judging someone else. Or walk in their shoes for a couple hours, feel their joy, their pain, their fers, everithing that make them what they are. I also think that it take a lot of different people in the world.. Otherwise, the planet would be really really dull if we were all the samI

    Shannon, don’t even think of changing a bit of who you are! You are unique, the one of your kind. About the people that says to hate you, think about what you have : a hubby, a daughter, a wonderfull life (even if it’s seen a bit… repetitive and annoying right now) , a super personality and a TONS of friends who like the way you are. Most people that making comment just don’t have that!

    Lots of luv, XxX

    P.s: Sorry if I made grammatical mistakes, I’m bilingual (French/English) but still, my written english is sometimes… bad.

  13. I feel like I just want to give you a hug. I’m sorry you’re having to deal with jealous b’s.

    I think people use the defense mechanism of hate when they want but can’t have what others do, or didn’t think of the idea first and wish they had.

    I’m happy to have found your blog and support you in your dreams to become whatever/whoever you want. Your blogs make me feel like I know you. Keep up the good work, keep being you and keep being superfabglam!

  14. I just don’t understand how anyone can hate you. You speak the truth and you speak it bluntly and that is how everyone should be. No need to make people run in circles to figure you out. Now I feel better about having so many people hate me. Maybe I come off as being a b*tch, but my real friends know who I really am and they love me for me as I love them for who they are. As far as your haters go…send them my way if you ever need to. You are awesome and never forget it!!! 😀

  15. I say “Keep talking, the more you talk about me, the more famous I become” and then I send this song http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qw3Z8Oa7E3Y

  16. Ahhh haters, at the end of the day they are only hurting one person, themselves. However they just love to bring down as many people with them as they can, and unfortuntely those people don’t deserve it. It’s proven that out of all the comments made to a person in any given day the only ones that will stay with them are the negative ones, and play in a persons mind no matter what you think that person. So a hater is, in short, a negative jealous ass! Love ya Shannon honey, don’t change for anyone or thing! 🙂 One thing have always done is when I am about to hear negativity, I place it immediately in 1 of 2 catagogories. 1.Input that is harmless and file it for future reference/self improvement/possible positive to be made from input received and 2. Utter shite. Then after any negative interaction I replace with either positive thought or interaction. On occasion I have told the ‘hater’ I have placed them in the second catagory if I am happy enough to ‘burn that bridge’. Priceless expressions when that’s happened lol. xxx

  17. M-hm…haters have been around since beginning of times, that’s a fact. However, it is up to us what we’re doing after they say the words or do the deeds. I’m going to say here what my dad told me when I was 15 and I was a target of haters and gossip:
    “People talk about you, because they envy where you are and who you are with. They don’t really hate you, they just hate the idea that it is YOU who has those things/friends/relationships. They talk behind your back because they’re 2 steps behind and do not have the guts to run, stop you and say things in your face”.
    Yeah, my dad is pretty awesome 🙂

  18. Ummm who are these people that have all this time on their hands…and please can they pass some of that free time over to me because i actually need more hours/time in the day to get actual-productive things accomplished…annoying….i’m 30 and yes still deal with this kinda stuff…you would think the “middle school” days would eventually end…sigh….when this kinda stuff happens to me i always listen to ani difranco…she doesn’t give a F**K about anything and does whatever she wants and i love it….here’s a good one to make you smile…eff emm…

    “Pick Yer Nose”
    How come I can pick my ears
    but not my nose
    who made up that rule anyway
    how can you say that’s the way it is
    that’s just the way it goes
    why don’t you decide for yourself
    what you can do
    and what you can say

    how come I can pick my friends
    but not my enemies
    what is it about me that offends
    what is it about me
    ’cause you know I’m only five foot two
    and I’m giggly wiggly
    tell me again, what did I do
    why are you scared of me
    I fight with love
    and I laugh with rage
    you’ve gotta live light enough
    to see the humour
    and long enough to see some change

    I think shy is boring
    I think depressed is too
    I think pretty is nice
    but I’d rather see something new
    all these plastic people
    got their plastic surgery
    but we got a big big beautiful
    we got it for free
    who you gonna be
    if you can’t be yourself
    you can’t get it from t.v.
    you can’t force it on
    anybody else

    you know they come to clear cut
    they come to strip mine
    they come for some of my big butt
    my big brain
    or just a little time
    they wanna take me out to dinner
    think I’m a bitch if I don’t go
    seems like the people who actually like me
    won’t allow me to say no
    your idea of a conversation
    is the third degree
    but I don’t really know you
    and I don’t really want to talk about me

    ’cause I’m not going to pretend
    that I don’t pick my nose
    that’s just the way it is, my friends
    that’s just the way it goes
    this is who I am
    what I do
    and what I say
    if you like it, let it be
    if you don’t, please do the same
    I fight with love
    I laugh with rage
    you gotta live light enough to see the humour
    and long enough to see some change

  19. Honestly if you have haters and people who are making it their mission to see what you are doing and saying, then you are doing something right. They hate you so much…yet keep coming back. They take the time out to call you a phony and insult your fashion because they are unhappy.
    I had someone hate and hurt me so much that is changed my outlook for the better. I decided to finally pursue my acting, he said I would never make it and would fail. What did I do after I was done crying? Lost 70 lbs, had braces put on, took acting classes, and am going out to L.A. next month! All done in a year. Guess I will send him a thank you card along with the divorce papers. Remember negativity is an ugly thing and we are waaay to pretty to be around it.

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