Yes, it finally snowed in New York. Freckles didn’t look happy about it… though!This was Princess A’s first time seeing snow and she loved it!The snow didn’t stick long enough to sled but we had fun walking around. The Husband Aaron pushed Princess A in her awesome UPPA Baby Vista stroller, which I highly reccomend if you are looking for a stroller that can do everything and go everywhere! Hopefully next time the snow will stick and I will be able to show pictures of Princess A in the sled we bought her for Hanukkah.

My Outfit

Boots- Crocs (Gift from The Husband)

Coat- Michael Kors (Gift)

Hat- Bestey Johnson (Gift from Grandpa Larry)

Tights- $46 American Apparel

Stay Glamorous,



7 responses to “SNOW FINALLY!!!!!

  1. it snowed today? I love in CT, only 40 mins from the city, it’s not they cold here.

    you love snow? I hate it, probably because our town gets shut down almost.

  2. snow??? I miss snow lol. But i don’t miss shoveling it or trying to drive with other idiots in it so yea i’m good lol, but it does look like a bit of fun, hope ya get more!!!!!

  3. I love snow, we hardly ever have any.
    I absolutely adore your coat.

  4. Love your outfit. Your hubby did awesome on the boots.

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