Dear Princess A,

I love you I really do but this has got to stop or I will put you in a watermelon. What you may ask? The diaper war. I get it you are strong and  independent now. You can crawl around, feed yourself, and use a cup. If I could potty train you I would but you don’t know how to walk yet. If I could I would post a picture of the diaper war but I am afraid I would be arrested for child pornography because the poses you make during a diaper change don’t leave much to the imagination.

Please, do not roll around and stick your poopy butt in the air and make it impossible to  get you clean. Please, do not crawl away from me when you are still covered in poop. Please, do not take your diaper off. Please, let me put your diaper back on. And for the love of God PLEASE do not eat your own poop, laugh, and then feed it to the dog.

Your Loving Mother,


Dear Readers,

Any advice on how to survive the diaper changing wars?

Stay Glamorous,


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18 responses to “DEAR PRINCESS A

  1. When my youngest, now 9 had those issues of keeping the diaper on, I used duct tape. I know i’m a bad mom but it keeps the diaper in place. As for the moving around, mine never really did that cause they wanted out of the poop. But I do recall several painting scenes made from poop so umm yea, I just learned to duct tape the diaper on and btw lol the tape never touched the child lol just the diaper for those who might get concerned. LOL

  2. I have seriously been having the worst 48 hours EVER…I have been in such a funk I am annoying myself…this seriously just made my day!!! I was laughing so hard that my boss came out and asked “what is so funny”….I go to battle with my youngest EVERY SINGLE TIME I change her diaper…in fact she threw in some new kicking moves that she must have seen watching Kung Fu Panda which nearly knocked me to the ground….for Christmas I may need to ask Santa for some body armor at this rate…

  3. Oh Shannon… that is an adorable picture!
    Princess A is to cute to cause those problems…
    The joys of mobile babies…
    My oldest never did that, he loved having his diaper changed.
    At daycare, the women all laughed, b/c when they would wipe him, he’d sigh & laugh when they changed him…
    He loved it…
    Now, Ian hates to be wiped, he throws a fit…
    It’s funny how these 2 are night & day….
    Ian will probably eat his poop & try to share it w/ the dog & possibly wear it too…
    Good luck on your diapering journey.

  4. I shouldn’t laugh, really I shouldn’t but since mine is now old enough to buy alcohol this is just bringing back so many memories. I really don’t have a solutions. My son loved to be naked even if he was covered in poop. I’d take his diaper off and if I didn’t hold on to him he would take off.

  5. My oldest went through a phase of this. I basically had to use some mixed martial arts moves to hold her down. So study up. 🙂

    This is why diaper companies invented pull-ups…. so you can change them on the go.

    And Katie- definitely not a bad mom and not the first I’ve heard that has had to resort to that!

  6. My sister was that way. I have no idea how my mom changed her sometimes, except that she had to have grown a few extra arms during that time. And I KNOW my parents used duct tape to keep the diapers on her. So, Katie, no worries there. My sister grew up to be a fairly well-balanced adult now with her own little girl.

  7. OMG… brings back so many memories. I had to hold Anthony down at times, I found changing him on the floor was easier for me, so I could almost lay on him. Now, at 2 1/2 yrs old I bribe him with 2 m&ms… I know that’s bad.. but he’d walk around in poop all day.

    When it’s just pee, I change him standing up… thankfully he hasn’t peed in my mouth yet.

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