Here’s a styling little 100 Monkeys fan named Orion. I love the hat and glasses. When I saw this picture I just smiled because The Husband Aaron wears tons of fun hats so I obviously have a weakness for dashing men in hats!Here is Ben Graupner with Orion. Sorry Ben but Orion looks way cuter than you in this picture. Maybe you should get some advice from him on where to buy a styling hat!Here is Jackson Rathbone with Orion. Goodnes… 2 cute guys in awesome hats. This is too cute to handle!

Now here is the big question… who do you think has the better hat… Orion or Jackson?

Stay Glamorous,




  1. HATS!!!!! they’re great!

  2. Awww they all look so cute but I’m gonna say Jackson with his hats and Ben always looks adorable. I love how the cutie has his middle name 🙂 xo

  3. OMG. You’re going to make me choose? Alrighty then. MMMMMMM. Orion.

  4. Hats are great. He loves hats.

  5. I did find your blog off Jackson’s twitter, and I am a fan of his… but I’m expecting a little boy – so the kid always wins! ORION wears a hat better, and has the better hat!! sorry, Jackson! 🙂

  6. just love hats 🙂 and just looove ur page. thanks for putting a smile onto my face everyday shannon! u rock! love from germany ❤ 🙂

  7. that’s hard! but Orion looks super cute! Sorry Jackson, you know I love you! haha

  8. I´m sorry Jackson but Orion has the better hat. 🙂

  9. I’m biased…. I’m going to say Orion, only b/c that’s my oldest sons name…
    Sorry, Jackson… You look good too. 😛
    My oldest likes to wear hats too…

  10. Orion of course!!!! They both look cute tho! 🙂

  11. Sorry Orion wins hand down, he really wanted to make sure he got that pic saying Hi to Hana. I’m keeping my fingers crossed we can get her in for a meet and greet next time they are here along with my son, we have a bunch of kids that were upset the shows weren’t for a younger age group.

  12. I love hats 🙂 They are so adorable and they both have a very beautiful hat! I love Jackson, he is always more than wonderful and Orion is so cute ❤
    Thank you for posting these fantastic pictures!

  13. I found your blog through Jackson and I have to say Your a retard. Stop using Jackson to get fame.. Sick..

    • You found it through Jackson, but want her to stop using him to get fame? Don’t like, don’t read.

    • Are ya kidding me??? Besides learn to spell, u are just killing me here. Geeze If Jackson had an issue i’m sure he would say something. Instead, he keeps promoting it, hmmmmmmm if hes ok with it, i’m ok with it. And its NUNYA get it right!!!!

    • If you found the link on Jackson’s twitter (that’s how I found the blog) – I’m 99.9% sure that’s because HE enjoys the blog and/or HE wants to see the success of it because he’s clearly friends with her. It’s his choice what he puts on twitter. Personally, I found this site “through him” too, but I read clicked on it and read it because I knew it dealt w/a mom and baby. It’s also the reason behind why I chose to follow the blog and will continue to follow it as I myself am about to be a mom. Nobody forces you to read something you don’t want to. You are entitled to your opinion, but name calling is not necessarily the way to voice it. Okay, I’m going to get off my little pregnant soapbox now 🙂

    • FYI That cute little boy is mine and I chose to send her the picture, I figured she would appreciate knowing that the younger generation knows good music. I told Shannon to go ahead and use the pictures of Orion and them. My son LOVES music and LOVES the guys, and he thinks Amelia is to damn cute for her own good. So stop hating on her. She a very nice person and has feeling also. Its sad that you’re that childish and jealous that you have to put in your negative 2 cents in.

    • UMMMM… I think you meant to write “you’re” NOT “your”… Learn how to spell, but I guess you were too busy being jealous.

  14. Dear Nunybuisness
    First : If it’s thanks to J. .. is that he will recommend as I understand it, so it should be ok ?
    Second : no one forces you to read! or watch this blog if you don’t like …
    Sorry sweet Shannon, but reading such nonsense makes me want to respond!
    If you want to delete my answer not worry, I understand.

    Stay as you are my great Princess of Glam! You Rock!

  15. Sorry shannon I had to put my 2 cents in.People get on my nerves easily lately and they’re upset because your friends with J, and have a great friendship with him. Stupid people annoy me.

    • I liked your comment Judi. I was surprised that I got that comment for a post that included a child. The only reason I kept it up is because I have a lot of teenage readers who get picked on at school and I wanted to show them that even adults who are friends with movie stars get picked on and they should just ignore it and stay glam!

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