I look really tired here because I was… it was my last night in LA. I had fun but the flying with a baby and changing time zones is tough. I love swans and when I saw this it reminded me of the elegant swans in London’s Hyde Park and I had to buy it.I got some matching earrings too!So on my last night in LA I just kicked up my heels and looked at the beautiful city from my hotel room balcony. LA is calm and serene so basically the complete opposite of new York. I had fun and was glad to see my friends but so excited to get back to busy New York.

I still have a lot of pictures of my trip to LA that I haven’t shared yet. I am still trying to get 1,000 twitter followers. After that I will post the pictures and stop asking for followers.

Earrings- $14 Urban Outfitters

Sweater- ON SALE NOW at urbanoutfitters.com for $29.99

Stay Glamorous,



10 responses to “SWAN SONG

  1. I seriously am in LOVE with your boots.

  2. I hope I will get the chance to spend some time in the USA someday. That´s my dream since I was a child. I love your blog and really enjoy the stories and pics. If I´ll ever be in New York we should meet and have a cup of coffee together. 😉

  3. Though I’ve never been to New York, I know enough to know that it’s a very busy place. Being a Californian but not residing in a major city, it sounded funny when you described LA as calm and serene, lol. There’s a lot in my own state I haven’t seen. Maybe someday I’ll explore more of Southern California and the LA area other than just concerts, baseball games and shopping. Old houses and architecture in general fascinate me. Oh, btw, I love your swan earrings; the swan is my sign in the celtic zodiac 🙂 Take care of yourself and hug Miss Amelia for me xo

  4. Yea the time zone things suck especially when u have certain someones on mobile tweet alerts and your phone goes off at 3 am saying Happy New Years!!! Yea bite me lol, just kidding. Those earrings are great. Keep up having fun darlin!!!

  5. Love the earrings, they are excellent! I’m a fan of earrings and I have never seen in the shape of swans, so beautiful!
    The bustle of NY … I so loved this city. Is a world apart! Outside the home is the only city where I felt good. From the first moment, I felt right at home. A unique feeling. So, you also make me want to know LA, because it looks so great … so if you tell me that it’s quiet, it must be confusing.

  6. I absolutely love your earrings. Don’t even get me started on the boots. I have a major boot fetish.
    I’ve been to LA twice now and never thought it was quiet but I live in a fairly small city. I’ll be there again in October, can’t wait.

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