This post is dedicated to my sister Tessa who is good with horses. I am not. I rode a horse once and fell off but I still think they are beautiful so when I went on a hike with Sheila I had her take a picture of Princess A and I. I think this was the first time Princess A had ever seen a horse.

I am mad at myself because I did not take a picture of her outfit and this dress is really cute. I was having so much fun during the hike I forgot about fashion… can you believe that?

I still wanted to share this though because I think the dress is awesome and the horses are fabulous!

Dress- 77 Kids (Gift)

Socks- Trumpette (Gift)

Stay Glamorous,



12 responses to “PRINCESS A’S OUTFIT OF THE DAY!

  1. I can honestly say, I never fell off a horse. I’ve riden only a few times, so I’m still not totally at ease. But I certainly hope for more opportunities to ride in the future. Horses are some of the most magnificent animals ever. Hiking is so great, isn’t it? Glad you had much fun that day. What did Amelia think of the horses? Shannon, it was okay to forget fashion for a bit, lol. =)

    • She just stared at the horses but was very interested. The reason I fell was because I rode a horse that competes in jumping and is used to a more experienced rider. He was so pretty though! I think I need to ride an old horse that won’t buck me off!!!!

  2. For what I can see of Princess A’s outfit, it looks really cute. I’ve ridden horses before and I’m such a sucker for them. Luv ’em! Looks like a great day…:)

  3. From what I can see, Princess A’s outfit is cute and just like you I never had much luck riding a horse, though I never fell I was always afraid of falling and since horses can sense fear they weren’t comfortable with me, lol…though I think maybe one day in the future I might try to ride a horse again with confidence- I hope.

  4. My daughter is the horse fanatic, she started riding when she was 4 years old. She wants to be a vet and has just got herself a weekend/holiday job at a stables.
    I never feel at ease around horses, there’s no particular reason, its something I can’t explain. I’ve been to lots of horse shows etc with my daughter but I’ve never rode a horse or even sat on one! As long as there is a fence between me and the horse I’m a happy woman!

  5. You´re not the only one who forget important things because you´re having fun with friends. 😉 That happened to me so many times.
    Glad to see you had a great day and I think for Princess A it was a great experience as well… because of the horses. 🙂

  6. The dress looks adorbs. The horses are just fine where they are, behind the fence. I am not much into riding animals of any kinds lol.

  7. Love those gorgeous little bootie-shoes! Too adorable! As for horses, they just don’t like me. I don’t know why! My cousin loves horses and as we grew up together I used to help out with hers. And no I’ve never rode one as I used to ‘spook’ them before I could get 10 feet of one lol.

  8. Mary Cate Longo

    Horses and I don’t get along together either. Every time I try to ride one, I get thrown off. The last time almost killed me. I didn’t just fall off the horse, I fell under it. I can still see the hoof as it passed over me, just inches from my face. I landed on a rock and had the wind knocked out of me. Later on I found out that I had actually cracked my tail bone. So now, when I admire horses, it’s from a distance……..a really long distance. LOL! 🙂

    Princess A’s dress does look cute. I love the colours. And the little socks that look like shoes are adorable. I’m kind of jealous though. Princess A’s wardrobe is WAY bigger than mine!!

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