As I have said in previous posts I want Princess A to know about GOOD music. That’s one of the reasons I love dressing her in rock and roll clothes.That’s why when I saw this John Coltrane t-shirt I had to buy it for Princess A. I love this outfit but added a bow to it so everyone knows she’s a girl.Here’s a closeup of the bow and look at those long eyelashes.Here’s a picture without the awesome vest so you can get a better view of the shirt.

I believe a good education starts with dressing the part so I will continue to dress Princess A in rock and roll clothes!

Shirt- Trunk Ltd via Area Kids NYC (Gift)

Leather Vest- 77 Kids (Gift)

Pants- 77 Kids (Gift)

Socks- Trumpette (Gift)

Headband- $5 Area Kids

Stay Glamorous,




  1. She looks adorable and the outfit looks lovely on her 🙂

  2. Princess A is doing what she always does… just being the cutest girl.

  3. I love her outfit… she’s a cute little rocker! 😉 Her eyelashes are great, she won’t need mascara when she starts to put on makeup.

  4. ok darlin that bow is just to die for lol i love it much and that shirt with that vest and the leggings are great lol

  5. I love this one!! I have a headband that has a ruffly bow thing like that on it!! Love it, love IT!!

  6. In love with the vest and headband!

  7. She’s got the attitude!!! Gorgeous

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