Today my blog is very personal and emotional. But whatever, it’s my blog! Anyway, I believe fashion is personal and I tend to dress with my emotions so these posts are relevent.

Here I am outside my favorite restaurant Souplantation with my three favorite women. Yes, Princess A is a woman… just a small one.

Well, we all know how I met Princess A and how I feel about her so let’s move on.

The two women on both sides of me came into my life the same way. We met through other people but I clicked with both of them instantly.

Judy, the one on the left is my old friend. I have known her for a long time. She has seen me graduate from college, move across town, move across country, move back across the country, get married, and have a baby. She has been there for me during all of it. Now she lives in LA and I miss her all the time but her shoulder is always available via cell phone.

Sheila, the one on the right is my new friend. We became friends recently and just like with Judy we clicked instantly. Sheila has come into my life during a time when I am adjusting to my new life as a mom and not as confident as usual. The first day we hung out I started talking to her about very personal stuff and it didn’t feel weird or forced so that is how I know we will be friends for life.

Sheila and Judy are also both really good at putting eyeliner on which I am really jealous of… next time I am in LA you guys will have to teach me.

Looking at this picture just reminds me of how important it is to maintain your old friendships(Judy) while still making new ones if you happen to meet a fabulous  person(Sheila).

Like my earlier post I hope that Princess A keeps her old friends her whole life but is still constantly making new friends.

I love you Judy and Sheila… and when you go to Souplantation remember to throw some soup on the ground in honor of Princess A and I.

And the same goes for my blog readers. I love the ones who have been here from the start and feel very close even though we have never met but every time I get a message or a comment from a new person it makes my heart glow. So thanks for reading and please tell me about your new friends and old friends!

But don’t worry… tomorrow my posts will be less heavy-handed.

Stay Glamorous,




  1. Sheila Is Jacksons GF.. .Is that how you met her or were you guys friends before 😉

  2. I am envious right now! I need some girl friends like you guys! I need a girls night out 😉

  3. Friendships are so important. The lasting ones you have for years are what help you be strong, even when you don’t see them as often as you’d like. New friendships can be kind of scary, reminding you like when it all was when you were little and at school. Personally, I get happy when I can instantly click with a new friend because of all the people you could have met, you meet this person that ‘knows’ you right off the bat. That is awesome Shannon, and you are such sweetheart, you deserve oodles of friends. Say ‘hi’ to the Princess. Lori

  4. Shannon,
    I have a friend that I’ve had since kindergarten & we still talk (I’m 40), plus I’ve got a couple friends from elementary school that I still talk to and I continue to make friends all the time.
    I so agree that you’ve got to keep your friends old & new close to you, it’s so important, esp. as moms to have someone a phone call or car ride away.
    Since I’ve had Ian, I’ve felt closed off from some of my friends, b/c they’ve got older kids, like my oldest who’s 11 1/2 yrs.old. and I can’t just go and do certain things b/c Ian’s to small.
    But, the new friends I’ve made at my oldest sons school, understand, many of them have younger ones too.
    Thanks for giving us a glimpse of your personal life & I know we’d get along great, if we were to ever meet, so if you’re ever in Florida, let me know… Princess A & Ian can have a playdate…

  5. I am picky about friends also.. I think thats why I have more Guy friends then girls.. lol.. But even though I don’t look it I am sort of a tom boy at heart ;).. I can def hang and have some fun and get into some trouble ;)))).. I have a few really close girl friends, sadly they live far ;(.. This last couple 6 months ( since we moved) I have been more open to opening up my heart and make some new Girl friends ;)..

  6. Thank you for sharing this Shannon, I was not good at making friends when I was younger so I don’t have anyone like Judy 😦
    I do have a few friends that are so close I call them my sisters and they are new friends (less than a year) they are always available to talk to by Facebook, Skype, or phone and helped me through some really tough times last year so I think ask me in 10 years time and they will be my ‘Judys’
    I offer friendship to everyone now, if they take it up, great, if they don’t, no problem, if they try to abuse the offer, God help ’em!

  7. This is a reply to 2 posts, this one and the Spencer post.

    I’ve lost a lot of old friends over the years, many since I became a mum and our lives went down different paths. Many have passed over, most through there own choices or vices. A few passed over with little regard from whatever higher power deemed it fit to take them. I miss them everyday, but a few years ago I heard a song and one line stuck with me “There’s no grave for the soul” That line stuck with me and is now tattooed on a scroll under wings on my ankle. The friends I have lost will never really be gone while ever I remember them.

    Recently I made a whole bunch of new friends via, in a round about way because of a certain band. These new friends have become such a support system to me I no longer feel like I’m drowning. Being a mum has been my life for 12 years, I went away in December to meet all these new friends and see a band and be something more than H’s mum. Ironically said band now know me as H’s mum, but sod it, they did something amazing for my son so I’m more than happy and so is he.

    Fair weather friends are around every corner but good friends stay with you no matter the weather or the distance

    On a side note, this is a great blog. I wish there was something like this 12 years ago. Back then I thought brushing my hair and finding clean socks was glam

  8. The baby carrier you have Princess A in is super cute – what brand/where did you get it?! Also, is it gray or a muted purple? I’m expecting my first baby and am about to enter third trimester. Despite having a boy, I still really like reading your posts because I like fashion and like that you share your experiences which can happen to any woman with a baby. Nice job 🙂 Oh, and good point on being choosy about friends – my parents had told me prior to getting married that I’d find out who my true friends were and would start making new friends once married, but I think when that really started happening was once I got pregnant. Good friends stick around no matter how your lifestyle (and schedule!!) changes and will listen to you even if they haven’t experienced some of your issues yet!

    • The baby carrier is grey with white stars…. u might not be able to see the stars. It is by Ergo and it is my fav carrier because it doesn’t hurt my back and has pockets! I agree with you about friends and pregnancy. I lost so many friends when i was pregnant and got closer to other friends!

  9. Oh, and eyeliner isn’t that bad! try learning w/a pencil first… and on a day/night when someone else is watching the baby (okay, so you MIGHT have to wait awhile before you try, just lookin’ out for you so she doesn’t distract you and you poke yourself in the eye!) and you may want to use brown and not black since you’ve got the redhair/light skin combo like i do right now! 🙂 I’m an esthetician so by license and default, I’m technically a makeup artist as well.

  10. I wish I had such great friends. When I was a kid I had some real good friends and we spent a lot of time together. Now we all got our own families and so the contact is not as good as it was and as it still should be. 😦
    I hope your friendship will last forever.

  11. I am in my 40’s and my good friends are in their 30’s…I don’t know what that says for my maturity, but I love them to death. There only few, but I don’t make friends easily and when I do it’s like you said, it clicks. I adore your blog. I don’t recall how I found you, but when I saw those toes and the necklace, I knew it was a good place to visit…and I’m a sucker for little ones…your Princess A is a doll.

  12. Just became a new lover of this blong and all I want to say on thie is: so cute! I like posts with meaning to them.
    I wish I had friends that I could visit a lot. My best friend just moved cross country and it’s so hard to keep in really close contact with her. Thank the lord for skype!

  13. Luv this picture! And isn’t that Jackson’s gf?? Or is she just a friend of yours and him>

  14. It okay to have heavy days. It’s what blogs are there for 🙂 I don’t have any close friends. My little sister and I are close off and on. My best friend from eighth grade through high school… we drifted apart after and then life took me on a crazy…crazy ride. Life became more about my family (my husband and our two kids) and when I finally did get to talk to old friends it felt forced. Since the kids have been in school, I’ve met some of the other moms but there’s only one I really talk to. Kim and I have been friends since my son was in preschool (about three years now). She never fails to make me laugh and she knows I don’t judge. Life tends to get away from me with buying a house and repairs, kids and school, husband and new work schedule. So it might be two months before I talk to her again but when we do it’s like I talked to her yesterday. I’ve never been good at making friends or keeping them. My husband is my bestest friend and we first met when I was thirteen, so does that count?

  15. Thank you for sharing! You reminded me that it’s important to nourish both types of friendships. My husbands job has us moving around the globe every few years, I currently live about 7000 miles away from where I grew up. I have the best friends since childhood that even through the distance it is easy to keep up with… it’s not even work. Then you have new friends in your new location and it’s important to share the love, not focus on one type more than the other.

  16. Good friends are hard to find, but when you do find them they are priceless. I met two VERY AWESOME people on facebook just a few months ago, but I clicked with both of them and feel like I have known them forever. They are far away from me, but I know they are there when I need them most. I love them both and hope to have them around for a LONG time. I’m glad you have friends like that…it really is a necessity when you think about it.

  17. I know the feeling and what you mean, I’m from Latin America and my old friends are from High School and College and they know me from A to Z plus have not to say much cus they know how to read me. What is the most exiting thing is meeting new friends, thanks to the web media have met wonderful people but the ones I can say they’re my friends are 6 ladies that we hang out, ( of course by FB and Tweeter) joke around and laugh our lungs out but when we 1st met, last Oct when I visited US, was the blast of my life… and the most beautiful thing is find people or a person that you can connect that easily and make click and feel that you’ve been knowing her/them like long time ago… I love my ladies… And as Usual Love every Princess A’s outfit, as you say She’s a Gansta!!! lol Lots of love!!!

  18. you all say …
    My friendships sincere and deepest are those that are in the blink of an eye, we can not be explained. When we talk about something buried deep in our hearts without the person we have asked for anything … we say that to be a friend for life!
    You are too lovely all 4! each with its glamorous style, perfect!

  19. Oh, guys! Why is there always the same question about Sheila? Is it really important if she is Jackson´s GF? I don´t think so. She looks like an awesome person and I wish the people would leave her alone! As far as Jay is concerned we should focus on his music, movies and other projects because he´s a great artist. Please let him be happy with whoever he wants to be.

  20. Awwww… someone once said: “Friends are the family you choose.” Yeah, that’s true. You four look like a great team. 😉

    I’ve got two best girlfriends, too. One of them since 11 years and the other one since 4 years. I’m sometimes fighting with the one I know longer – like a couple after some years of marriage 😀 That’s mostly when we disagree over something important and we are both very stubborn. But a few days later we’re blowin’ smoke again.
    They have been there for me in the best moment of my life – Lillian’s birthday. They were with me in the delivery room and bathed Lillian for the first time. I love them so much and they mean the world to me!

    Some years ago I had another best girlfriend (at least I thought so). It was unbalanced, I didn’t notice at first but I realised little by little. I was available (via cell phone because she lives about 200 kilometers away) when she had problems and when I called her because there was something going on with me, the line was literally dead – no connection at all. She didn’t tell me when she and her bf visited her parents or some of my friends (who live about 10 minutes away from me). Last year I threw her off my friend-list (figuratively)… no call, no sign, no message… And that was it. I don’t need that kind of “friends”.

  21. And to you my wonderful new friend, I want to say thank you for making such a wonderful blog that gets me through the day. And for making new friends with you readers. Love ya Shannon to you and yours from me and mine xx

  22. “Friends are like panties. Some crawl up your butt…Some snap under pressure… Some don’t have the strength to hold you up… Some get a little twisted… Some support you…Some are your favorite… Some are cheap and just get bent out of shape… And some actually DO cover your butt when you need them to.”

    I’ve found this quote somewhere on the web and I must admit that I’ve lived through all kinds of friendships.
    I do not have million friends. Heck, I don’t even have thousands or hundreds, but the one I have (you can kinda count them on 10 fingers) can always count on me.
    Also, like most of the readers, I am picky when it comes to friends, but I sincerely do not care how do they look or how much do they have. The key element I’m looking for is reality check and absolutely no gossip.
    My best-est and oldest friend and I have been going through stuff for over 20 years and I wouldn’t have it any other way! Although she lives countries away, we do stay in touch and always pick up where we left the last time.
    So, in honor of this post, I’m raising a glass (of water, I’m teetotal 99%) to friendships. New ones, old ones, quirky ones and loving ones! Cheers! 🙂

  23. Hi Shan,
    Fabulous blog post. It’s ok to get emotional, you aren’t a robot afterall…or are you?? ;0)
    I love what you wrote about friendship here. I seem to have the opposite as you, I let everyone in, maybe not all the way but I let them in none the less. Sadly they don’t all stay, sad for them mostly. In the end though I have fewer friends that have truely stayed all along the journey as well as newer ones that have joined it than I have fingers but I have them and for that I am grateful.
    I think it’s wonderful that you have both a Judy (old friend) and Sheila (new friend) that you can let into the deep dark places, we all need those. No matter where, when. or how these ladies have come to your life you are truly blessed in having them. By the looks of the picture the feeling is mutual & that makes it so much better.
    By the way Princess A is fabulous as always and man are you lucky that she stays in those things. I wish any of my 3 little ones would have been cooperative enough to sit in a carrier, especially the 13mo. Can we trade for a day?? (ps yes kidding about trading lol).
    Keep the posts coming! And as always keep dancing to that wonderful beat of your own drum. A quality I deeply respect & admire for all those that do it, you my dear seem to be doing it well!

    • I can’t believe your kids don’t like the carrier. Princess A is going through a mommy phase and wants to be touching me at all times so the carrier just makes my life easier! Also, living in NY it is easier to use a carrier than a stroller so maybe my daughter is just used to it because we have used it so much.

      • I know right! A carrier up against mommy pillows, why would a kid refuse that? Especially my youngest, she is all about mommy. But she is also on the verge of walking which means she wants mommy to be bent in half holding her hands as she stumbles around the house. To think, I thought the back pains would end with the baby escaping the womb. {shaking my head}

      • me too… i don’t think we will ever stop having back pains lol!

  24. Aww i love this one!!! Friends are so important and it is so hard to find amazing girl friends. I am super picky about who I let into my life from bad past experiences and just never really “fitting” in anywhere…but once I find those few I hold onto them pretty tight…on a side note though you all look FABULOUS…where is the outfit lists for everyone 🙂 HAPPY TUESDAY….is it FRIDAY YET 🙂

  25. It’s a blog post about Shannon and her friends… JR was never mentioned the post, SO WHY ALL THE QUESTIONS ABOUT HIM? SO RUDE.

    Anyway, I have two great friends, one I met through work and one is my neighbor. They were both my angels and Divas when I was starting IVF after six years of infertility. They gave me strength and hope when I thought I would crumble and fall. Thankfully my son was born, while we don’t get to hang out as much, they are a part of my soul and family.

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