Princess A is trying to walk right now. No matter how many times she falls she keeps trying. I am proud of her but hate that she keeps getting bruises and that she cries out of frustration when she can’t walk. Freckles always makes her feel better though.

Today I went to yoga class even though it was snowing, I was tired, and we were out of coffee. I am glad I went though because the teacher inspired me and made me feel better about my daughter’s walking attempts.

First some back story. I am by no means good at yoga. I love the physical and mental strength it takes to hold a pose but I spend most of the class falling down. I keep going back to yoga because afterwards I feel a sense of accomplishment because I tried my best. Today the teacher said, “don’t worry if you fall it’s not called yoga perfect it’s called yoga practice.”

This inspired me to try a head stand for the first time in my life. Yes, I fell over but at least I practiced. After class, I was proud of my confident attempts and then realized I need to stop stressing out about my daughter falling because I fall during 99% of yoga class so I guess she gets her stubborn no fear streak from me.

Anyway she’s not a perfect baby… no baby is perfect. She is just a baby who is practicing walking and if she gets a couple of bruises along the way so be it… at least she is trying.

Stay Glamorous,



8 responses to “PRACTICE NOT PERFECT

  1. I agree and I’m proud of ya hun. And I am proud of her. Ok this is something that may just help her, put something in her hands that she can hold, my daughter always had a straw or toy in her hand and thats how she walked. My youngest needed something to offset his balance too so that may help ya out and her too. As for yoga, yea i am not good at that either lol.

  2. No baby is perfect that´s right… Some babies start walking early and the other ones start later but there´s one thing all babies have in common: Someday they will walk and then they´ll go their own way…

  3. My daughters were about 13 months old before they took their first steps. My nephew and niece walked at 9 months. No two babies are alike. She will walk on her own timetable.

    Congrats to you for continuing with yoga in spite of not being perfect. You are setting a great example for you daughter. It is easy to do what comes easy for us, but continuing to try something more difficult is a true sign of a winner!

  4. Love this! I’m with you on Yoga and totally get what your saying!

  5. Most babies don’t start practicing before they feel that it’ll work soon. So you can be almost sure that Princess A. won’t be falling so much in the near future. It’ll get better every time she tries. Lillian was 16 months when she did her first steps alone. 😉

    Btw. we sent our postcard for Princess A. today.

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