I love Betsey Johnson but the above drawing has very little to do with this post except that it is about Betsey Johnson. I found it and was like this is perfect because The Husband Aaron loves comic book heroes and I love Betsey Johnson so I had to share this with you!

Anyway, ever since I got pregnant I started wondering how long I could keep up my charade of dressing crazy, wild, and young. I live in the Upper east Side of Manhattan and I get a lot of compliments and weird looks because I dress outlandishly… even to mommy and me class. I’ve gotten snide remarks before from other moms like about how they are too busy to care about such frivolous things as fashion.

Yes, fashion is frivolous. It’s not like water or oxygen… you won’t die without it. BUT, for me I can’t really live without it. If I didn’t have fashion I would still be alive I just wouldn’t really be living. I would be a robot. I need fashion to express myself and help myself feel confident and to me that’s really living.

So once I had a kid I started to have visions of mom jeans or dressing very conservatively… what would the other moms at PTA think? I can’t wear Betsey Johnson to a preschool interview… the teachers will think I am nuts. Then I started to think… at what age will I have to tone done my style?

Maybe that’s why I got so depressed after having a baby?Luckily, I somehow snapped out of my stupor and realized I will never be able to dress blandly and more importantly I will never be able to stop wearing clothes by my favorite designer, Betsey Johnson. I chose this pick of her because you can see her wrinkles but she still looks fab. And guess what? She will be 70 this year! Happy Early Birthday Betsey Johnson. And she is a mom and grandma so you know motherhood didn’t stop her from dressing to the beat of her own drum.

I have been to 3 Betsey Johnson fashion shows and at the end of everyone she comes out in a fabulous dress…and does a cartwheel! This is how I want to be when I am 70… wearing a tutu and doing cartwheels!

Stay Glamorous,




  1. I think you should never start dressing like a “Mom”. 🙂 The way you dress is awesome and I really like it.

  2. Just because you’re a mom doesn’t mean that you need to give up who you are. Granted clothes aren’t apart of your genetic makeup, but how you dress is always the first impression people will have of you so you need to be unique with how you look. If I see a person dressed as a “mom” I usually have no interest in them because you know that they’re going to be boring or they’re ashamed of who they are. So everyone wear your clothes, don’t let your clothes wear you, be who you are not who you think people expect you to be.

  3. Keep rocking your individual style! And thank god you are not a groovy young mom living in the bible belt Midwest lol. I’m pretty sure other young moms are afraid of me because I have tattoos and lived in NYC lol. Maybe those upper east side mamas are threatened by you because they are do boring lol.

  4. I’m obessed with Betsy Johnson…I totoally want to be her when I grow up…(and yes I am 30 with two kids and I’m not in the least bit grown up yet)…I love that she does whatever she wants…whenever she wants…there is something very empowering about that…I feel that there should be way more Betsy Johnsons in the world and less uniformed women…the world would be such a boring place if we all looked and dressed exactly the same…one day i woke up and realized how uniformed the world is becoming…I couldn’t take and dyed my hair an extreme red…like the red you find in a crayon box…I get the comments left and right…the “why would you do that looks”….I have to say I laugh and they only give me more confidence and make me more empowered…I don’t want my girls to ever feel that it’s “not cool” to not be able to express themseleves and be and do whatever they feel…life is too short not to live that way…i want them to grow up understanding that being unique is way cooler than being ordinary…

  5. I tried the dress like a mom but ….it did not suit me. I am not what you would consider fashionable, but I went from jeans and concert t-shirts to “soccer mom attire ” back to jeans and concert t-shirts. My kids are 12 and 14. I got tired of dressing for other people since my daughter started going to a parochial school. Now she is in eighth grade and I have been trying to teach her to be an individual all her life, I realized how hypocritical I have been. I feel more comfortable and more like myself …. I am glad that I switched back! (Now just need to go to more concerts to add to my wardrobe) :0)

  6. It’s good to know this feeling is the same, no matter where we live live this is defiately global. I had a crisis a while back (feels like a lifetime ago now) where it took just one person to make me feel like I should start ‘acting my age’ clothes/style wise and I can’t believe for a (short) time I tried to. Naturally feeling like a robot I ditched the ‘friend’ and reclamed myself thank god. We only really find ourselves when we lose ourselves. Hugs and love to ya darlin xx

  7. Without Mom, I can understand. For history, for a job, I was clearly stated that would be better that I’m wearing more stringent if I wanted it… I just say that my brain was not connected to my dress! Not that I dress so eccentric, just casual … like I feel like! But for a while, I questioned.
    To think that from an age we should dress, behave in a certain way. Ridiculous !
    So still as you are, it makes your identity, your charm and your soul.
    Huge hugs

  8. Hun she’s not even 1 yet and if fashion and dressing how you do makes you happy I say do it. Wear what you’re comfortable wearing. You only have one life and if those other mommys don’t like it then oh well. It’s not like you’re dressing provocative. Your outfits are cute I dig them. And amelia is to young to say if she likes them or is embarrassed. (which I don’t see that happening) so I say if it keeps you from depression then keep being you. Don’t change for anyone. You were dressing like that when your hubby asked you to marry him right? See its part of you hun. I say as long as fashion and the way you dress makes YOU happy, pls don’t change a thing about you. sorry I tend to ramble. But you understand I hope 🙂

  9. Oh and I just want to say my mother in law in 57 and she downturn dress like a 57 yr old, she dresses how she’s comfortable she goes to concerts and looks young, she refuses to leave the house with out her hair done and a fresh shower. She wears clothes that ppl our age wear. So it’ll be another pic I send to you just to show you that being your self is what we all love even if its fashion and the way you dress.

  10. I’ve gotten the stink eye from a few PTO moms. I might have visible piercings and I might make my hair spike out but at least I didn’t wear sweat pants to the school play. People are always going to judge. If fashion makes you feel alive and involved do it. Why would you want to be a cookie cutout?

    Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.~ Dr.Seuss
    (kinda trite but very true)

  11. Fashion is important! I bet all of those other moms are simply scared to dress how they want to! Be yourself. How you dress is another form of expressing yourself and fashion is an artform. How can something that drives the world be frivolous?

  12. Since having my daughter (who is now 3) I’ve been dressing “uncomfortably”. Due to weight changes I’ve been taking hand me downs that just aren’t my style but “normal” mom & office work attire, UGH! I’ve been in a rut and getting depressed myself, asking “what happened to the happy me, the one that was kinda crazy and dressed however I felt?” I need her back! I found your blog and you have inspired to find “ME” again. I’m a PTA mom and I refuse to look like one! I went to my favorite resale shop and went on a shopping spree! Can’t wait to go to the next PTA event dressed as MYSELF and to burn the mom jeans!

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