I love animals. I love them so much but they always love The Husband Aaron more. When we went to Barbados all I wanted was to swim with the sea turtles. That’s the whole reason we booked the trip. When we got there it was not high season for sea turtles but we went on a boat to a small rock island anyway. There were a couple of sea turtles but every time I got close they swam away from me. I turned around and looked at The Husband Aaron and there were like 10 sea turtles just chilling with him. I swam as slyly as I could but by the time I got there they had all swam off. This is why I think animals hate me.

It was no different with Gus. Yes, I walked him with Ben everyday but he never wanted to cuddle with me. In a desperate attempt I gave him half of my In-N-Out burger. For those who don’t know me well this is a BIG deal. They only have In-N-Out on the west coast and it is my favorite burger place! Anyway, he didn’t care so I gave him my fries. He still didn’t care so I offered him my vanilla shake and then he sauntered off and cuddled with my sleeping Husband.

UGHHHHHHH I was so jealous. Next time Gus… Next time… I will find a way to make you like me so you will cuddle on the couch with me!

Any tips on making Gus like me????

Stay Glamorous,



12 responses to “ANIMALS HATE ME

  1. LOL… most animals like me, except my nieces crazy, psycho dog.
    She will only growl @ me, no matter what I try…
    She’s a collie like Gus…
    I can only say just keep trying w/ him, maybe rub steak all over you or place Bacon in your pockets… LOL
    I could make some maple – bacon cupcakes for you, he & the guys might enjoy that… 😛

  2. 🙂
    I had the same problem. My dog ignored me constantly and only followed my ex-husband. The odd thing about it is I was the person who´s fed him and took care of him all the time. 😦

  3. Poor Shannon!
    For Gus I agree with Star tries baccon …. or sausages!
    Animals sometimes have a spirit of contradiction …. well developed. They ignore those who love them and seek the affection from those who ignore!
    Sea Turtles ! you’re lucky…. I love diving and I was two years ago in the Red Sea! I crossed barrucadas and lion fish, I wasn’t my clever! It can be good when some do not want to love… lol

  4. Cheese! You bribe a dog with cheese. That’s one temptation that they can’t resist 🙂 And baby talk too, that works for me, I talk to them like they’re human babies. So far, I’ve been pushed on the ground by a huge Rottweiler and licked until I’ve gasped for breath, had nice clothes soiled with puppy paws and some pee for a good measure, and bunch of other little misfortunes, but it was worth every single puppy kiss!

  5. I thought it was just me! EVERY SINGLE cat we’ve ever owned (4) has done the same thing– they would do anything they could to get away from me to get to my Hubby…even though I’m the one who took care of them! One would even sit on his shoulder and walk around the house all day, but didn’t even like me to touch her…and I’M THE ONE WHO LOVES THEM SO MUCH !!!

    By the way – your boots are AMAZING! My husband bought me a pair of boots (definitely not as cool as yours tho) 2 years ago, and haven’t gotten to wear them either…today is the day!

  6. I say Bacon, what person or animal doesn’t like Bacon 😀 I’m not a huge dog fan but some like Gus capture my attention and heart. Yup I saw Gus here in san Antonio last Jan. I’m more of a cat person idk why. There’s these toys that you can fill with cheese or yogurt and freeze them. They’re wonderful and it’ll keep gus’s attention for a while. You should give it a try. We used it when training my dog . It’s like a special treat. Good luck with Gus. He knows you love him. He’s smart.

  7. I dunno hun, but Gus is a special dog. From my understanding, hes a very demanding god who beats the guys whenever he gets the chance. So maybe its a good thing he prefers the males lol. I also think that animals are just funny that way. My cat is a total diva bitch, yes i said it. I feed her, take care of her litter box and yet I am not special enough to pet her.

  8. try ignoring him back for a while…then one day you will be sitting on the sofa and find him starring you down…then call him up on your lap.

  9. Lmao punching in excitement!! Funny stuff guys. Ok as for Gus, sorry it’s time to become aloof with him for a while. Lay down on floor level watch TV, play hard to get so to speak with him until he finally comes to you honey. Oh and keep the meat products in the pocket too lol. That will definately make him love you!

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