I get a ton of pictures from fans. Every once in a while I like to post my favorite ones. The first one is of little Reagan’s toes. Who can resist baby toes? And especially baby toes with a pedicure?!?!?!?!Reagan is a triplet. Here she is with her siblings Ryder and Riley. You can tell they all have their own unique personalities! Next is one of my favorite fans, Katie. She let me know when Princess A was 2 months old that people were stealing my pictures off my face book account. Now I don’t care (as long as you give me credit of course!). But at the time I felt violated but happy that a complete stranger would help me out. Katie also loves Paul Frank just like me!!!

Keep the pictures coming because they brighten my day!

Stay Glamorous,



7 responses to “GLAM SUPER FANS

  1. So cute…

  2. I knew u would choose that pic!!!!! LOL i love it, little story behind it. That was me in Tampa this summer a bit(?) hungover and sooooooooooooo excited to meet the guys or at least see them for the first time in concert. My friend that had been planning this trip with me won a Meet and greet. But thats a story for another time. We were downstairs at hotel in my pjs, eating breakfast and i went upstairs, i was not wearing a bra and my monkey had a 3d tongue sticking out and i was also wearing my monkey necklace and went upstairs and this guy couldnt stop staring and said “Nice necklace!” I, who has never giggled (ummm ok), giggled and put my arms over my chest and ran to my room. I will NEVER go out of hotel room in pjs again. At least on that week long trip lol.

  3. Aww the little toes!!!! And rock on katie lol you rule! Xxx

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