I decided to hike every day I was in LA but after the previous hike in my D&G shoes I wanted to be more modest about my footwear… but still glam!So I turned to my favorite designer, Betsey Johnson. I wore combat boots, knee-high socks, and a dress designed by her. My favorite part is the back of the socks!!!To accessorize I wore this amazing necklace that my sister Stacey bought me. Thanks again Stacey you are the best sister ever!!!I also wore my pink evil eye bracelet that The Husband bought for me on our honeymoon in Greece.We had a great walk and I showed Princess A her first cactus! The only thing missing was my other sunshine, Freckles. So I stole Gus and took him on the walk as well!

Dress- $250 Betsey Johnson but only available in black online

Boots- $129 Betsey Johnson

Socks- $15 Betsey Johnson

Bracelet- Somewhere in Greece (Gift from The Husband)

Necklace- Gift from Sister Stacey

Stay Glamorous,



13 responses to “GLAM HIKING

  1. OMG the dress and those socks are soooooooooooooo freaking adorable and Gus was happy to get out I am sure lol.

  2. Love the sock xx

  3. I love your dress, and your necklace is adorable.
    I’m sure Gus has loved this walk. 🙂

  4. Mary Cate Longo

    Ok, I’m officially jealous! You got to take Gus for a walk! Lucky girl!! 🙂

    I love the outfit. You’re wearing one of my favourite colours! You really look good in bright colours.

    • Gus is one of the most awesome dogs in the world… my dog is the other 🙂

      • Mary Cate Longo

        I got a chance to meet Gus after my very first 100 Monkeys show. When Scott let him out of the van he ran right up to me. I got an amazing picture of him. I think your Freckles is awfully cute too. I love watching the way he interacts with Amelia. They really seem like best buds.

      • Yes, I love Gus. He is the opposite of Freckles though, He is calm and has no interest in Amelia which upsets her lol. Thx for the email I will respond later!

  5. WOW the whole outfit is gorgeous! Lovin’ the boots girl xox

  6. That outfit was awesome! Totally loved it. Gus is almost like an extended part of your family so a great sub for Freckles, I say…

  7. Love it! Hiking in pink and Betsey!!! And Gus-Gus!!

  8. Love the outfit, especially the socks! Hello, my name is Dijana and I’m a pink junkie!
    I also kinda have ‘thing’ for socks. Some people call it OCD, but I call it rational wearing of socks. I hate when I see someone with their socks put on inside out, or heaven forbids the socks aren’t properly put on around the ankles. I know, it sounds horrible, but I can’t help it…
    And I never wore plain socks…I’ve noticed that’s another thing we have in common 🙂
    I’m so jealous of Princess A’s socks, especially the ones that look like ballerina shoes…I wish they made them in my size, which we won’t be discussing.

  9. Wow… yay! I love the outfit, the combination of everything is gorgeous. Lillian saw the first picture and said “schick” (chic)

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