A week before my trip to LA I started to freak out. As you saw in yesterday’s post I packed a lot. But I didn’t have room for Princess A’s bathtub. How would I pack a bottle warmer or humidifier? And what about toys?… Princess A has the attention span of a fruit fly and needs tons of stimulation.

My biggest concern was her jumparoo. Yes, technically a jumperoo is not an essential baby item in anyway shape or form. But since Princess A was about  2 1/2  months old we have been having daily family dance parties. They cheer everyone up on a bad day and Princess A just can’t get enough of her Godfather’s music or Katy Perry. I also wanted to show off Princess A’s jumping and dancing skills to my friends.

Then I rented a car for LA and thought there should be a company where you can rent baby supplies!!! I googled “baby supplies”. “rent”, and “Los Angeles”. Then BINGO, I found the website for The Traveling Baby Company.

I rented tons of toys and of course a jumparoo. And I went a little overboard renting the slide considering Princess A can’t even walk yet. But I was able also able to get essentials like a humidifier, bottle warmer, bath tub, bath toys, and a highchair for my 1 week stay and it only cost me $190 and that’s including delivery and pickup.I also rented this baby car which again isn’t exactly an essential but Princess A enjoyed it!

I was able to order all this in under 30 minutes. They dropped it off at my hotel and then picked it up at my hotel the day I left. It was so simple and made our trip so much easier!!!

The Traveling Baby Company does baby rentals in most major US cities and tourist destinations. If you are traveling with a baby I would definitely check them out!

Say Glamorous,




  1. That is just freaking awesome and damn i wish i had something like that when i traveled lol

  2. I love reading your blog. I enjoy seeing and reading about your adventures. And admittedly, I look forward to Princess A’s outfit of the day most of all. Her smile starts and/or ends my day on a bright note. I can’t help but smile when I see the pictures. Thank you for sharing!!

  3. Now that’s a million dollar idea! How cool is that!

  4. your post inspired me to check about renting baby gear for our upcoming vacation. thanks! I can’t believe there are so many different things you can rent and not have to haul with you.

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