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I wish I could speed this slide show up so you could understand what we experienced while flying with Princess A. The best way I can describe it is that it was like flying with a crack head but that would be an insult to crack heads everywhere.

We thought we were lucky because she slept during take off. But then she woke up and had tons of energy she wanted to crawl around, say hi to everyone, and jump. Since she couldn’t do these things she cried and when we had to put her in her car seat because of turbulence she cried even more. People gave me tons of mean stares and I wanted to be like, “If you don’t like flying with children become a billionaire and buy your own private jet!”

I tried to give Princess A a pacifier… didn’t work. I tried to giver her a bottle… didn’t work. I prayed to God… and he said don’t ask me babies are impossible. I don’t know who these babies are that just take pacifiers and stop crying. I want to meet them and ask their parents their secrets.

The worst part was Princess A is going through a “mommy phase” where if anyone else holds her (including The Husband) she cries until I hold her. I love compliments but it was exhausting holding a hyper baby jumping bean for 6 hours.

Midway through the flight I thought I was seeing an illusion because I was so exhausted but I snuck into 1st class anyway.It was not an illusion… it was the fabulous Tim Gunn. Princess A stopped crying when she entered 1st class and saw Tim Gunn. It was as if she said… this is where I belong! Tim Gunn was very nice and gracious when I told him how much I love him. He told me Princess A was very well behaved and even took a picture with us.

Soon it was time to land and we put Princess A back in her car seat. She puked right when we landed but I didn’t care because I was so happy about meeting Tim Gunn!When we drove to our hotel Princess A stayed awake and laughed the whole time. I was tired but amused by her good spirits.

MORAL OF THE STORY: Yes, Princess A did cry most of the plane ride, I got tons of dirty looks, puked on, and it was not fun or glamorous. But we got to meet Tim Gunn and hang out with our lovely friends in the beautiful Hollywood Hills. So if you are afraid of flying with a baby do it anyway because the rewards are worth it! If you don’t believe me keep reading because the pictures and stories will prove that it is worth it to fly with a baby… no matter how much they cry! So take Tim Gunn’s advice and “Make it Work” until you get to your destination.

Stay Glamorous,



17 responses to “FLYING WITH PRINCESS A

  1. Princess A can spend all of her bodily functions on me if it meant I could meet Tim Gunn.

    J’adore him!

    sooooo jealous of you

  2. hey meeting tim gun would be worth it for me lol, i love it hardcore lol and yea its always hard as anything to fly with kids but yea u are doing ok hun, just keep up the great glam lookin and making things work for ya

  3. The slide show looked like u had one moving baby, it looked worth it though and Mr. Gunn said she was well-behaved which is double worth it!

  4. I’m happy to hear your flight went as good as can be expected! And can I add jealous! Tim Gunn? Really?! That alone would be worth the puke.

  5. Totally agree. I flew to Hawaii with my two year old and a four month old this past September, and it was exhausting. Imagine the dirty looks I got during a night flight, in which, everyone was trying to snooze, and I was traveling with two little girls that would NOT go to sleep. But getting to Hawaii for a two week vacation was AWESOME, and totally worth the layovers and 12+ hours of travel time. It’s an experience we’ll never forget.

    • That sounds like a fab trip… people need to stop giving parents dirty looks! If they don’t like it try to help, don’t fly, or buy Bose headphones that cancel out noise… it’s 2012 people.

  6. Lucky ducky on meeting Tim Gunn! In all my flights I don’t think I’ve met anyone important. We did fly with some this last time (they had people come get their luggage for them so they could go straight to the limo… but they must have been hiding on the plane.)
    I promise each flight is different. You can never fully say that your child is an awesome or awful flier. I think flying at 10 months was the worst I’ve had. 10 hour flight and I got a leaky diaper all over me and a bite mark on my inner arm. Nursing has been my saving grace…. and now portable DVD players and ipads.
    I’m glad you guys survived.

  7. From what I see you have had a nice flight. 🙂
    I’m glad for you about your meeting with Tim Gunn!! He seems to be a nice guy. You’re lucky.

    You’re right, if people doesn’t like to travel with a kid on board, they have only to buy earplugs or a headphone!! 🙂

  8. We saw Tim Gunn outside of Parson’s a few years ago & my daughter who was 3 (I think) yelled “Mom it’s Tim Gunn! I love you Mr. Gunn make it work!” he came over and talked to us, a very friendly guy. My daughter was thrilled.

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