As much as a wish I cold be like Victoria Beckham or Lady Gaga and wear elaborate outfits and heels on an airplane I feel being comfortable is a neccesity when flying cross-country. Sometimes when I can’t sleep I have a fun idea imagining if and what celebrities change into once they get on the flight. Maybe Lady Gaga puts pants on or Victoria Beckham actually wears flats… the HORROR!I got a manicure before the trip. My nails remind me of a Werther’s Original wrapper, which is my favorite thing to suck on when my ears are popping. I put tons of layers on Princess A because I didn’t know what the temperature on the flight was going to be like.I love the back of this shirt!!!We were dressed comfortably… but how did the actual flight go you ask? Did Princess A sleep the whole time… or did she cry the whole time?  Stay tuned for the surprise ending!!!! Don’t worry we make it to LA!

Princess A’s Outfit

Green Under Shirt- Carter’s (Gift)

T-Shirt- 77 Kids (Gift from Aunt Stacey)

Pants- Carter’s (Gift)

Socks- $10 Robeez comes in a set of three socks

My Outfit

Orange Under Shirt- $9.99 ON CLEARANCE Pink Victoria’s Secret

T-Shirt- Marc Jacobs (Gift)

Sweat Pants- $39.50 Victoria’s Secret Pink

Head Scarf- $200 bought it 10 years ago from Chanel… worth every penny

Boots- $20 Old Navy

Stay Glamorous,



14 responses to “FLYING TO LA OUTFITS

  1. You KNOW they change into comfy sweats! hehe You girls looked glam as always.

  2. You are well on your first picture and you princess.
    Princess A is really cute

  3. If I could fly with my dressing robe, believe me, I would! To heck with glamour when you’re flying, comfort is the word. I tried flying all dolled up the first time and no body part of mine was grateful for 2 days afterwards. Next time, I’m contemplating flying in pj’s 🙂 There’s no comfier outfit than cute pj’s and fluffy robe.
    Many, many moons ago, when I was young(er) and naive, I used to live on high heels which would be taken off for sleeping only. Now I wear them ONLY when I must and there’s always the back up pair of flats in my handbag. YAY! No Victoria Beckham bunions on these feet of mine 🙂

  4. I love the nails, but I always do. Glad ya made it safe to LA, thats the most important thing ever.

  5. You look good on the first pic!!
    I love Princess A’s shirt. She’s so cute.

    I hope you have had a good flight. 🙂

  6. Going comfy is definately the way to go. I couldn’t imagine being locked in a airplane with no leg room and in heels and a skirt…No thank you!

  7. Werther’s Original… yummy! 😉 I love them, too. And your nails don’t just remind me of the wrapper but also of the Flag of Germany (black, red and gold).

    Your flying outfits look very comfortable and I especially like Princess A’s Zebra-Socks and your turquoise headband (I love clothing and accessoires with white dots!)

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