I am a notorious over packer so I had to have Princess A and Freckles help me. Freckles was sad because we were leaving but Princess A helped me scale down to just the essentials!So this is what Princess A and I packed for our 4 day trip to LA… this doesn’t even include The Husband’s luggage or the baby stuff we rented in LA. I think we did a good job scaling down.I got these tags for our trip and I love them!!!This is The Husband with some of our luggage at LAX. He thinks Princess A and I over packed… but what do men know?

Stay Glamorous,



13 responses to “PACKING FOR LA

  1. Haha I love it!!! You packed 3x as much for 4 days than I did for 2years in London 🙂

  2. Shannon! What are you like? I guess this officially makes me too masculine to be a girl… 4 days = 1 overnight bag for me!

    (Either too masculine or every guys dream! lol)

  3. i’m a horrible packer and i never pack what i need, i always pack like an hour before i go and always always leaves things behind, but that gives me excuse to buy new things lol

  4. OMG ! I can’t believe it!! So many bags !! Ok obviously I’m not a real girl…

  5. I am an overpacker. Even for just a quick overnight (or two) trip, I will take more than I need. So, I completely understand.

  6. I LOVE the luggage tags!! I had an entire day planner like that 🙂 I also love your pink luggage. I bet you have no trouble identifying your bags at the baggage claim. 🙂

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