It is really hard for me to find good presents for The Husband so when I do I am really proud of myself. He loves comic books and especially The Flash. So, this year I got him some Converse sneakers with The Flash on them.I even liked them and I am not even a comic book fan! The sneakers also came with a DC Comic poster. The Flash shoes are not available but you can still get Superman and Batman sneakers at Converse’s website.

Stay Glamorous,




  1. good idea …
    And it seems to please him, that’s the main

  2. Good idea!
    I love Converse! I have a few pair. Different colors. Some are so old and so used, they have holes. But I still wear them lol

  3. These ones are sweet. I own an old faithful pair of black converse that I wear when I sometimes train with weapons as they not only hold their own but are like a second skin.

  4. charlene lassiter

    i had a pair of santa converse with red ribbons around the top. i wore them when i dressed as an elf for the santas workshop for school when shannon was young. charlene

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