Thank you so much to everyone who helped me get 500 twitter followers. Sorry it has taken me so long to post this but Princess A and I both have stomach viruses.

Anyway, while in Paris, The Husband and I spent the day with Jackson Rathbone and Braden Bell. We wanted to go to the catacombs but got lost and then we were told it was closed due to some saint’s birthday. OOPS!

So instead we went out to eat.The Husband and I had Croque Madames…. Jackson added the french fry mustache. Jackson had a burger.Braden had some kind of hot dog cheese thing that looked really yummy!!!Here is a really cool picture of Braden.Lunch turned into happy hour so we stayed for some large beers.I was so drunk I forgot to take a picture of myself. Oh well, we just got back from LA and I have tons of pictures and stories to share from the experience!

Stay Glamorous,




  1. Those pics are priceless and Braden and Jackson both made me laugh with their face expressions…Glad ya’ll had a great time. Jackson’s burger looked really good.

  2. That’s so awesome! Just from the meet & greets, you can tell Jackson is a down to earth guy.
    I know your family is very lucky to have him in your lives.
    I think he’d be an awesome best friend…
    Glad y’all had fun and thanks for sharing.
    Sorry you forgot to get a picture of yourself….
    I guess it was all those large beers! LOL

  3. Well darlin’ it looks as if u had fun. I’m glad that ya did. Great awesome pics darlin. Keep up the great work, glad you got to 500 twitter followers woot woot. Time to party and sorry y’all are sick. Take care of yourself and Amelia.

  4. Great candid shots… These are the sort of pics that I love seeing. It makes those we admire seem so much more real. I love your blog, always gives me a giggle…

  5. thanks for sharing the pictures I love them.I think its great you got to hang out with them like that and have alot of fun

  6. Thanks for sharing Shannon. Looks like you had fun. Those faces the guys make are hysterical. I bet you were a little drunk if the beers where that big. But ahh well, it’s the memories that count. Hugs.

  7. Thank for those pics. They’re fabulous.

    Jackson and Braden, make me laugh, on those pics!!
    Looks like you have had a lot of fun with them!! 🙂

    Take care of yourself and Princess A.


  8. Thank you very much Shannon for this pictures.

    they are beautiful. I had the chance to met in Lille and they have provided.
    I hope he will soon return to France. To our greatest pleasure.
    full of big hugs to your family and hope that the Princess is doing well and you.


  9. Yeah… but it misses Shanon on the photos …
    Always happy to see his pictures of your trip in Paris with friends.
    A lovely band of friends in “vacation” there’s nothing better.
    But a “croque” Lady with a mustache, if you allow me … it’s not a very glamorous lol
    Take care of yourself and Amelia.

  10. Lol good times and once again brilliant photos!

  11. Thanks for share!!! Great pics! When was taken? *—*

    • It was taken when the week the 100 Monkeys had a concert in Paris… it took me so long to post because I was waiting to get 500 twitter followers. I have a ton of fun pics of our trip to LA and will post once I get 1,000 twitter followers 🙂

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