I love the emails I get… especially with pictures…. especially on days like today when my daughter and I are both sick and jet lagged. Thanks to everyone who sent me pictures of themselves sporting their monkey style. Here are my some of my favorites.


10 responses to “100 MONKEY FAN STYLE

  1. Love the pics of everyone supporting your friend. The hat was really cool. The kid with the bandana also…heck they all were just so neat. Hope Princess A and her mommy and daddy had fun in LA with the guys. Glad ya’ll had a safe trip to and from and hopefully she liked the plane ride!

  2. OK so I dig the pics of the fans of 100 Monkeys, Can I just say my son went and me Ben Orion (which my sons name is Orion and Ben fed him candy) and Jackson who has dubbed him Mini Jackson. Anyways if you go through my pics I have them pics or Ben and Jackson with Orion. Its something Orion will always remember. Oh and I just have to say jackson told Orion tell mommy that you want a drum set. My husband and I laughed I told jackson the day he buys Orion a drum set is the day he can have them. Those guys are awesome and its so awesome to see that they love kids so much. oh and Orion decided to sport Jackson glasses. lol You have awesome friends.

  3. Aww beautiful photos everyone. I had better get my act together and send in a couple too! 🙂

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