When I started this blog it was mainly to give myself a project and force myself to look glamorous every day. I didn’t expect this many people to read it. Now it has become an entirely different thing which I love most of the time.

Every once in a while I will get a negative comment about myself, my daughter or my friends. At first, I approved all comments thinking everyone has the right to their own opinion.

Well now I have changed my mind and decided my blog is a glamorous safe place where only positivity exists. I am from now on not approving any negative comments or comments with gossip in them. My reason being everyone has a different opinion of what fashion is. I believe fashion is something that should make you feel confident and fabulous. What makes me feel good might make someone feel like a clown and visa versa. That’s why I don’t believe in insulting peoples’ fashion choices.

Also, gossip is gossip. I choose to put my life out there because talking about my feelings makes me feel good. Not everyone is like this. If people choose to be private that is their choice so I will not comment on my friends’ personal lives.

If you are a positive person who loves fashion please keep commenting. I will approve them and am so thankful for your support and advice!

Stay Glamorous,



32 responses to “SMILING FACES

  1. Well said Shannon! I fully agree with you and support this decision.

  2. Cliche cliche – tallest trees gets the most wind! There’s no I in team. Early bird gets the worm….. I’m on a roll! It’s YOUR blog – you’re allowed to post whatever you like, please don’t stop I enjoy it!

  3. Amen…I think you are fabulous and never let anyone tell you different…life is to short to limit yourself to one genre…it would just be entirely to boring if you did…there is just to much color out there NOT to take advantage of it…

  4. Just wanted to say, I love your blog/website!!!
    Your fashion advice is awesome!! It has inspired me to dress a little more glam each day, even if its just something small like a scarf or headband, or some awesome earrings. Just want to say thanks and keep up the awesome advice:)

  5. Sorry you had to get to this point. But congrats on taking the high road and being who you are.

  6. You’re so right! Keep it up!

    Fashion is like Art, some like it colourful and spectacular, some like it simple, some like it abstract. But that’s the way it is and like it should be. If everybody liked the same things, how boring would the world be?!

    And it also brightens my day to look at your fashion and Princess A’s cute outfits. And it inspires me! 😉

  7. I so agree!
    More positivity!

  8. Sorry you had to deal with this. I feel like I should say welcome back to high school or something. Sure feels like it, right? Eh, just let it go. Negativity gives you wrinkles!

  9. I whole-heartily agree with you. I love reading your blog and seeing your pics. You make my heart smile and you give me courage to try new styles. Please continue and know that most of us are good people and we love you.

  10. I love this blog 🙂 i completely agree with you, i dress to my own style that makes me confident, fun, and happy even if it’s quirky @ times 😀 I love smiling and am happy in general & i wish everyone can find that. Im glad you find that through this fun & very cute blog. Thank you for sharing your experiances, style, & tips.
    Stay Smiling & Rock On :}

  11. yeah! I’ve never seen this blog otherwise!
    Thank you for being as you are Shannon, I think having you expressed all the good things about you and about your comment about your daily life, which looks like al lives of so many of us.
    I have my secret garden, and I admire you for writing this blog, because it “make naked’ is not that easy. As you read your writings I seem to discover a beautiful person and that’s what matters to me!
    (Sorry if my English is not good, but it is more of 2AM in France and I come to a party, I’m a little drink … lol)
    a thousand kisses from France has a glamorous girl!

  12. I love your style and your blog! I just started reading it after my 2nd little girl was born (2 in 19 months definitely doesn’t make you feel glamorous). Your blog inspires me to actually get out of my pj’s. I actually went out and bought a whole new, non-pregnant, wardrobe and get dressed everyday. I even take time for myself and do my hair half the week. It’s all about being you… and you inspire plenty of people to feel better about themselves. Keep being you!

  13. Love this blog and am really glad u said something. You should be able to talk freely and wear whatever u want. I think your outfits for you and Princess A are just adorable, hun…Keep it up!

  14. It is perfectly OK not to like something…or someone. It is whole new level to go on insulting or gossip rampage and you have every right to moderate comments and opinions that you do not like. After all, this is YOUR space and what one can do is appreciate the fact that they’ve arrived here to read your thoughts. Negative people will always exist, but the thing that separates the ’emotional vampires’ from the rest of the world is the perspective. If someone cannot understand somebody’s style/choices/opinions, it doesn’t give them right to badmouth, gossip or worse, pass negative comments.
    And, as I always say: You were born an original, do not become a copy!
    P.S. —-> Smile…a lot! It makes people wonder what you’ve been up to 😀

  15. those who give you a negative comment are those who are jealous and unhappy with their own life.don’t let it get to you people like that are so not worth it.I enjoy your blog alot and think it’s great you do what you do to make yourself and your family happy

  16. Way to go Shannon! You are fabulous and have made a great and difficult choice by putting yourself out there. It sucks that people who have misery in their lives try to inject it into the lives of others, especially online where it’s so easy to hide & not let anyone know who you actually are. Bravo to you. Keep the posts coming..

  17. Hi Shannon,

    You’re right, and I agree with you.
    It’s your blog, and I think it’s normal you post what you like, no matter what others may think about it.

    I discovered your blog, a few weeks ago, and I love read it. He’s great!!

    Kisses from France.

  18. ❤ It!!. Don't let others negativity cover up the shine and love of this blog. I love reading your posts and I'm intrigued by your style. 🙂 keep up the fabulous job, and thanks to J. Rathbone for tweeting this link.

  19. Hi, Shannon,

    I totally agree with you,

    It’s your blog, it is your responsibility and it is normal that you post your favorites.
    People who think ill of your publication, not only have to visit them.

    I found your blog through a friend and I find your picture, happy and colorful.
    excuse my language mistakes

    Kisses from France

  20. Bottom line -> it’s YOUR blog sweetie, nobody else’s. Have fun and smile, smile, smile 😉

  21. Bravo and kudos to you honey please don’t change ever!. This is the reason I keep coming back for more and more. I have a ritual, coffee espresso AND your blog every morning before anything else! Keep up the good work and more power to ya xxx

  22. Shannon you are one of the rare people I look up to! You are so right in so many things! You are awesome thank you so much for writing this!!!:)<3

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