The only thing cuter than baby toes is chubby baby feet in baby shoes. Princess A wore this gorgeous outfit with me to go shopping for candy at The London Candy Company. She matched the decor very nicely. I can’t wait till she can walk so I have an excuse to buy her lots of cute shoes!!!

Onesie- $14.95 Gap

Skirt- Gap (Gift)

Shoes- $12.99 Gap

Stay Glamorous,




  1. Just a bit of advice, if she learns to walk without shoes, its not that big of a deal. My daughter learned that way and we had so many issues with people telling me that she had to learn wearing shoes. And I was like dudes, leave me alone. If she doesn’t like shoes, we will get there eventually. She walks just fine at age 12. She learned at 11 months and has never stopped. My youngest also learned without shoes and he walked at 8 months. And again, has never stopped doing great. I love that my kids are all good on their own so I can sleep in on Saturday mornings.

  2. absolutely love this entire outfit! I love shoes and now it has rubbed off on my 21 month old. For 3 days this week she refused to wear anything but her Dorothy red glitter shoes (even while in her pjs)…. we live in Seoul and it’s below freezing, but she wanted to be fashionable at the playground and refused every other option… best to just let her have her diva way every once in a while.

  3. That is really adorable! The way she’s standing almost make her look like a ballerina.

  4. As always she’s adorable, a perfect fit!
    His little ballerinas are too cute, I almost want to steal him lol
    Red shoes right now is very classy!
    When the debate to learn to walk with or without shoes …. I will be tempted say to you that the key is that it’s self-confidence and everything will be fine!

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