This week I went to a fabulous party for a fabulous friend who is also a fabulous doctor!!! He is going to help me with my pregnancy acne scars and he always reminds me to wear sunscreen when we run into each other while walking our dogs. I love to bowl. I am not very good at it but I love the outfits people wore to bowling alleys in the 50s.I especially love bowling shoes!!!The party was at Lucky Strike. I loved the decor, food, and yummy drinks.I put my game face on and tried to win but I did not. I don’t think we even know who won because they kicked us out early which is why I am not posting a link to their website.But we had fun anyway. I loved taking pictures next to the paintings of celebrities. I love Audrey Hepburn and Breakfast at Tiffany’s so naturally I had to take a picture in front of this painting!I took a picture with the birthday boy and his trainer. Don’t worry after the party I went straight home to The Handsome Husband.Then I had to lie down next to my Marc by Marc Jacobs purse because I was so tired. All in all, it was a really great night and I was so happy to get out and celebrate one of my close friend’s birthday… and to escape the poop, pee, and puke for a couple of hours!

Headband- $3.99 Ricky’s

Purse- Marc by Marc Jacobs (Gift)

Ring- Betsey Johnson (Gift)

Dress- $54 American Apparel

Stay Glamorous,


Stay Glamorous,



4 responses to “A GLAM BIRTHDAY PARTY!

  1. Look at the hotness that is you in your “game face”

  2. Bowling… I love it, too – and I’m such a loser. 🙂
    Your dress is great & your game face looks very professional.

    It’s sad that bowling isn’t that popular over here and the bowling centers don’t look glamorous at all. At least not the ones I know…

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