I love cupcakes but sometimes I just want a tiny bite of a ton of different flavors or sometimes I just don’t want to feel guilty afterwards. This is why I love Baked By Melissa cupcakes. They are a cupcake store with 6 locations in Manhattan that sell bite size cupcakes. They also ship their cupcakes nationwide… sorry international fans. Above I am holding a red velvet, white chocolate pretzel, and peanut butter cup cupcake. They were so yummy and brightened my day.

Stay Glamorous,



7 responses to “GUILT FREE CUPCAKES

  1. hum … It looks good … I could eat one !

  2. Mmmm peanut butter. And just the right size too. We have a place here called Gloria Jean, and they have something similar.

  3. Don’t feel guilty, we have something fantastic here as well, yumyum

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