Princess A was having so much fun playing with her Sesame Street Murray doll we got her for Christmas it was hard to get a picture of this new dress. She loves Murray! Whenever he says “And That’s the Word on the Street” she cracks up. She also loves the “Murray had a Little Lamb” section. Surprisingly, it was really hard to find a Murray doll but I prevailed and it wasn’t expensive!!!Finally, Princess A remembered how hard I worked to get the doll and stood still just long enough for me to get a shot of her dress! I love the flowers on the dress and the color matches her hair… and her Murray doll!

Murray Doll- $7.99 Toys R Us

Dress- $35 Tea Collection

Stay Glamorous,




  1. So she doesn’t walk yet but can stand up on her own? If so get ready for a runner lol, I love her outfit she’s seeems to always be happy and full of sunshine. She diffently seems like an amazing little girl. How is teething going? I can just imagine how she is when you describe her. Her happy dance and her giggles. Does she love to listen to music also? Man she’s adorable. 🙂

    • She loves to dance to music… especially 100 monkeys! She is a really good baby except when it is time to sleep or she is teething. Or when she doesn’t get a nap like yesterday when we flew to LA.

  2. Sorry, I haven’t had much time (or envy, I admit) its last days to leave messages.
    As always she’s too cute! The dress is beautiful.
    A real ray of sunshine. (I wonder if it says like that in English …)
    Reading your post … I knew that you’re L.A. So Enjoy and have Fun!
    But especially …. stay glamorous !

  3. Just adorable as always. When my daughter was younger, she was a total Zoe girl. OMG i learned to dislike anything to do with Zoe or Elmo because they had guitars and played them and OH MY!!!!!! But its totally worth it when they are happy. In fact, during the move I found them again. I hid them again as well. LOL

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