It’s no secret that I am obsessed with head bands to cover the hair loss I experienced after I gave birth to Princess A. I talk about it a lot so people who haven’t had kids yet will be warned, people who have won’t feel like they were the only ones, and to explain why I wear so many crazy hair accessories. I love this snake headband because it goes with a lot of outfits but adds some spice to even a mundane ensemble.I love big costume jewelry so when I saw this I knew it had to be mine!!! It is also one of Rachel Zoe’s picks on! When I got it in the mail it was bigger than I expected which made me so happy. This is why I am more into dresses, shoes, jewelry, and purses instead of hair and makeup. All you have to do to feel glamorous is put them on where with hair and makeup you can spend hours perfecting a look and still not be done. When I have no time I just put this bracelet or head band on and I instantly feel like I am fashionable even though I may be covered in poop, pee, puke, or all three!

Bracelet- $26 Hive and Honey via

Headband- $15 Urban Outfitters

Stay Glamorous,



6 responses to “SNAKES AND BRAIDS

  1. I love the fact that you keep things real in your blog. As for your hair loss is it really that noticeable? I remember losing hair after Orion, but not enough to be obvious. Oh BTW I’m sure you know but your daughter is beyond adorable.

  2. you’re right, as always. lol
    An accessory can completely change your outfit ! Personally I can’t go out without earrings and a little mascara … why ? I don’t know!
    Your head band is so beautiful … I like it

  3. I go offline for a day and look at all the wonderful additions you made to your blog! Adore that bracelet btw. 🙂

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