We are taking Princess A on her first airplane ride next week and I am so nervous about it. It’s a six hour flight to LA and I need advice on how to fly with a baby and deal with possible ear pain and/or screaming. I have asked many parents and they just say, “You just have to accept that it sucks.” I am fine with that but I don’t want Princess A to be uncomfortable so please comment if you have any advice!

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14 responses to “FLYING ADVICE

  1. You could try feeding her during the take off and landing, the act of swallowing generally stops any ear pain, alternatively if you can get her to sleep you could use some kind of ear defenders… Good luck! 🙂

  2. Just make sure to feed (something she can suck on- milk, veggie pouch, paci or whatever) Princess A during take off and landing and she will be fine. Princess Cc
    has flown many times including the 6 hour flt
    to and from LA. No problems. Matter
    of fact- we are doing it again tomorrow.
    Happy travels.
    Queen RR

  3. When we flew with our 18mo we made sure she had a pacifer in her mouth the whole time. We were told by a friend that it has the same effect as an adult chewing gum in that it cuts down on ear popping. Hope that works.

  4. Darlin, just make sure that she has something to suck on, eat, as long as she is moving her jaw during the takeoff and landing she should be fine. It will all be good. Don’t EVER worry about flying with a child. As long as Mommy is there, she should be fine. I flew with a toddler and that was fun. Just give yourself plenty of time to get there and don’t listen to the whining of other passengers. They are not a part of what you need to worry about. If she has special blanket, make sure to keep it out. As long as she is comfortable, you should be fine too.

    And if you need a laugh, listen to this …. it will def make ya laugh.

  5. I meant to comment on your last post. When my son was born my husband was stationed (training) in Virginia. When we found out our duty station was going to be Hawaii, I was freaking out because I wasn’t sure if he was old enough to fly yet. He was just three months and I was told to feed him, not while we’re waiting to taxi but when we started to pick up speed. That way when the pressure changed he was sucking. If she’s not hungry try a binkie. If she’s got the hang of a sippy cup try that as well. My daughter had just turned two and it was suggested to get a few small toys, wrap them and give them to her on the plane. One every few hours or so that way if she got restless she had something new to occupy her. We had a 14 or 16 hour flight though (Ohio to Hawaii with layover). Yawning also works but I don’t know if you could get her to do that. Just make sure she has her favorite stuffies or blanket, books, or what you think will keep her occupied. Good luck!

  6. Shannon,

    Stay calm. Know that something will go crazy no matter how much control you want to have over everything. Everyone is right, sucking on or eating something seems to help with the ear pressure. We’ve done binky’s, bottles/cups with milk or juice and nursing all with success. I recently flew my 2 munchkins (8 week old and 21 month old) from Dallas, TX to Seoul, Korea (15 hours on a plane, plus a layover). My 21 month old has flown over 30K miles since she was 8 weeks old (shortest flight 3 hours, longest flight 13 hours), so please feel free to ask any questions.

    PS. Love the blog!

  7. Agree with everyone else on giving her something to suck on – the sucking will equalize the pressure.

    Stay calm if she does have a freak out – most passengers will accept it and while you might get one jackass most people are sympathetic. As long as you are relaxed and taking steps to help Princess A calm down you may find a lot of moms and dads and grandparents willing to help.

    My best advice is to try and schedule flights during her regular nap sleep time – dress he in comfy cute pjs for the flight.

    If all else fails – Benadryl is your friend – I’m kidding I’m kidding….

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