We love to go to the Guggenheim. It always has fun exhibits that even a baby can enjoy and you can go through the whole museum in 30 minutes if you want. They also have nice bathrooms on each floor with changing tables which is really important when you are a mom.Last week we went to see Maurizio Cattelan’s exhibit “All”. It contained many interesting pieces hanging in theenter of the Guggenheim. It’s kind of hard to explain especially because I have no knowledge of modern art! We enjoyed it though and Princess A had fun staring at all the hanging art!Her favorite was this hanging dinosaur skeleton piece.She kept staring and laughing at it which made me smile too!I love the hat I wore that day. It made me feel very artsy!I also wore some pig earrings The Husband got me for Hanukkah.He also got me a matching pig ring. The other ring is a teething toy. I wear it as a ring sometimes in case Princess A gets any gum pain which happens a lot because she is getting 6 new teeth now!!! People stop me on the street and compliment me on it all the time which makes me laugh because I started wearing it as a ring to save me from dramatic crying sessions not for fashion… but I gues that’s how most fashion trends start!Finally we made it to the top of the Guggenheim with just enough time to head home feed the princess dinner and walk Freckles!

Hat- $19.99 Albertus Swanepoel for Target

Earrings- Betsey Johnson (Gift from The Husband)

Pig Ring- Betsey Johnson (Gift from the Husband)

Teething Ring- $4.99 Razbaby

Shirt- Vintage

Baby Carrier- $120 Ergo

Stay Glamorous,




  1. Princess A’s teething- have you thought about or looked into getting her an amber necklace? I recently bit the bullet and got one for my kiddo and it seemed to help with the pain with her last round of teeth… and it’s stylish and cute!

    • Never heard of an amber necklace… do tell!

      • I had a friend swear by them. She put them on her kiddos starting at 3months and hasn’t had to give any meds to relieve pain for 2 kids while teething. It seemed to work for my daughter, but could have been a placebo effect, so take it with a grain a salt.

        Baltic amber contains a “natural analgesic” that can, in theory, be absorbed through your skin to relieve pain.

        I was told that the raw/unpolished is better, but haven’t tested the theory.

      • Cool, I will have to buy one!

  2. Totally random, I know, but you should check out I am falling in love with their stuff and thinking about having it on hand for my 2nd child (and me.)

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