Before I begin I want to say I am not a doctor and before you try any of my tips you should consult your pediatrician. Nonetheless, I want to share my experience with a baby suffering from reflux so I can help out fellow moms.

Reflux is when a baby’s stomach contents flow backwards into the esophagus. It’s like adult reflux but worse because a baby can’t tell you what’s wrong or drive to the drugstore to get some heart burn medication.

First you have to identify the problem. Most babies with reflux will arch their heads back when eating to try and keep the milk from coming up. They can also make wheezing sounds and puke up stuff that looks like curdled milk.

When Princess A was born she always arched her head and back when eating and sounded like a gremlin when she was sleeping. We talked to the doctor and they said it was no big deal. Then she started to vomit after every meal and they said she had reflux and we could give her medication or wait for her to grow out of it. We didn’t want to over medicate her so we decided to wait it out.

Then one lovely night she puked on the changing table. So I put her in her bouncy chair and then she puked in that. Not learning my lesson I put her in her swing and she puked AGAIN. I had had enough so I just took her to the bathroom and put her in the bathtub where she puked again. It was a really gross night especially because Freckles thought it was his job to clean up the mess… which is all I will say about that.

I decided her reflux was getting worse not better and called The Husband. We decided to go see the doctor the next day. Since we had tried everything else the doctor gave us a prescription for Zantac. I didn’t want to give it to her but we did and it cleared up her reflux and puking for a while.

Then she turned 4 months old and her reflux got worse which is very common. She was unable to nap for longer than 10 minutes and cried after every feeding. We called the doctor and she suggested to add rice cereal to her formula. This helped tremendously. Once Princess A turned 6 months old and learned to sit up on her own the reflux went away and we gradually stopped giving her Zantac and putting rice cereal in her formula.  Now she is happy and healthy and you wouldn’t even know she had reflux but those first few months were tough. Here is my advice for dealing with reflux.

1- Listen to your gut. Doctors are great but they are not with your child 24/7. If you think something is up and the doctor says everything is fine give more details or get a second opinion.

2- Don’t be afraid to give your child medicine or rice cereal for the reflux. Honestly, I wish we had done it sooner with Princess A.

3- Always have tons of clean clothes for you and your child and your favorite perfume handy. A newborn eats 8-10 times a day so if your baby has reflux there is the potential that you will be puked on 10 times a day. Nothing smells worse than baby reflux puke so be prepared to change your clothes and hide the smell because you will not have time for a shower.

4- Doctors suggest that you should hold a reflux baby for 30 minutes after eating this is helpful but can be exhausting. I tried the average bouncy chair and Princess A was so small it crunched her stomach causing her to you guessed it… puke. Fisher Price sells the above rocker which has an incline that is designed just for reflux babies. I love this rocker. It folds up so you can put it in a closet, rocks back and forth, and is higher than the average bouncy chair which allows your baby a better view of the world.

5- Try to put and wedge under the crib mattress but if that doesn’t work just move on. We tried various different wedges and Princess A always slide down the mattress and got her head wedged in the crib. I wished we had stopped trying earlier.

6- The majority of babies grow out of reflux once they learn to sit up or turn 6 months old so try and stay positive.

7- Get help. Most grandparents don’t mind being puked on by their cute new grandchild.  If you have family that offers to babysit take them up on the offer.

I hope my advice helps if you are going through this or know someone who is!

Stay Glamorous,



9 responses to “BABY REFLUX TIPS

  1. I wish I would have found your blog earlier. I could have shared what I learned so maybe you and A had an faster solution. Both my children had reflux. I learned by trial and error with my daughter. There was no medicine 38 years ago. I discovered the rice cereal because I was trying anything to get nourishment into her. It worked. I also experimented with her sitting, laying different positions. No bouncy seats. I would prop her up in the corner of the couch at a slight angle. I think I cried more than my daughter did those first few months. So when my son was born I knew what to do. Only took the doctors 30 years to catch up with us oldtimers.

    • I know!!!! My mother in law told me to give my daughter rice cereal the first time she saw Amelia arch her back when eating. I listened to the doctors and didn’t give it to her until 2 months later the doctors suggested rice cereal. If I had listened to my mother in law things would have been a lot easier. I also cried more than my child… and she had colic.

  2. **WARNING – May contain a bit too much GROSS TMI****
    My niece went through this and her poor mommy was usually a wreck and didn’t sleep well. I was one of those relatives that “didn’t mind being puked on” by my WONDERFUL NEW niece. Her episodes were quite scary at times and involved a lot of suction because it came out through mouth and nose. She spent a lot of time sleeping in her car seat because it kept her sitting up enough. I am so glad she and Princess A grew out of that. Just curious, did you have problems with hyperemesis?

    PS. I am really enjoying this blog.

    • Thank you for reading my blog. Amelia vomitted out of her nose and mouth at the same time as well. I did not have hyperemesis… actually I had no morning sickness at all… don’t hate me… I got my tough time when Amelia was born because I got an infection and thyroid problem. Amelia had colic and reflux. I am glad your neice grew out of it too!

      • You are very welcome. I forgot to mention in my reply that Amelia is adorable…beautiful…you get the point:) I asked about the hyperemesis because my sister had it really bad, as well as a friend of hers. Both of their children had the problems with reflux so I was going on a theory. You disproved that theory.

      • Amelia was born a little early which some doctors say has something to do with reflux but really they have no idea why some babies get it and others don’t.

    • Hi Megan, I wanted to let you know I did not have morning sickness with either of my children. And both had reflux issues.

  3. Lienkie du Plessis

    Hi Mrs Sutherland. I started reading your blog after Mr JR suggested it (I’m a fan – pffft!). I’ve been married almost 4 years, no babies yet mainly down to financial reasons – I want to be able to provide EVERYTHING!!! I’m not even a mother yet but my style got sloppy after I got married (I got the guy now what mentality). You’ve inspired me to dress and look better EVERY DAY! Love your style. Greetings from South Africa!

    • Thanks Lienkie, I went through the same thing when I got married. I felt like I had to be “the house wife” and dress accordingly. We had our daughter after 2 years of being married and I realized I hadn’t been acting or dressing like myself. Once I started dressing to impress myself my life improved and so did my life with my husband :)!

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