This is me after doing a hot yoga class. I am not very good at it and there is usually a lot of falling and child’s pose involved but it makes me feel strong and glamorous. Unfortunately, hot yoga doesn’t leave me looking glamorous. Dressing in crazy over the top outfits also makes me feel strong and glamorous. Even if I am just going shopping for baby food I want to look good and stand out. I am always taking risks with my fashion choices and I don’t even care if I got weird looks on the street because that means my ensembles are unique enough to get a response. This is what I put on after hot yoga to feel fabulous. I didn’t even have time for a shower so I had to go extra over the top to make myself feel good. A woman who worked at the store told me she loved my outfit and I should take a picture of the get up. We had a fun photo shoot in Babies R Us and I was really glad I decided to change out of my sweats to go baby food shopping!

This is what I do to feel glamorous. What do you do to stay glamorous despite the mess?

Boots- $20 Old Navy

Tights- $4.99 Ricky’s

Hat- H&M (Gift from The Husband)

Dress- Betsey Johnson (Gift)

Stay Glamorous,



12 responses to “WHAT MAKES YOU FEEL GLAM?

  1. Lots of chunky jewelry, big dangling earrings. And of course my “lets kick some butt boots.”

  2. long necklaces, a new pedicure, hoop earrings and lip gloss 🙂

  3. Mascara, lip gloss, hair brush and designer deodorant. They are a must have in my training bag and is sits in there with my sheathed chinese broadsword lol. Martail arts training can get damn tiring, however weapons training even moreso as I’m constantly focusing on being one with whatever weapon I’m using. And the range from knives to bo staffs. So the designer deodorant is a must have, the mascara Always goes on in the changerooms and a hair brush with head scarf as the last thing I have time for is styling my hair.LOVE my headscarfs hehe.

    • I agree with you headscarves are awesome!That’s so cool you do martial arts and work with weapons!!!!!

      • I discovered MA shortly after my last bub was born so it’s going to be 10 years this year! I’m lucky as my two best friends are both personal trainers and also martial artists with such brilliant outlooks on life I spend most of my time thanking them for being in my life lol. MA is an empowering thing and I train daily atm for the city titles, balancing that and kids you need to find shortcuts to stay glamorous and I can’t thank you enough for this gorgeous blog.

      • Thank you!!!! I have always been interested in MA. I just love hot yoga so much I haven’t had time to try anything else. It makes me feel strong and confident when I can hold a yoga pose for a long time in a really hot room.

  4. You remind me of Helena Bonham Carter 🙂 I absolutely adore her and her ‘unusual’ sense of style. Everyone who has unique style is absolutely cool in my books.
    In another lifetime, I studied fashion design and wasn’t half bad at it, but I had an epiphany and never ventured in the industry.
    The one thing that makes me feel glamurous no matter what, is red lipstick. Everything looks better with a splash of color 🙂

    • Color does help everything!!!!!! I love that I remind you of Helena Bonham Carter. I hate it when people make fun of her for doing things like wearing missmatched shoes… what do they expect it’s Helena Bonham Carter and she has fun with fashion!

      • One of the reasons I never went to the industry is because I realized that ‘real fashion’ is actually telling people that they never look good and ordering them what to wear. Being all for free will, I could not go into something that didn’t tick the box on one of my principles. I won’t pretend that I know everything, but one thing I know: We were all born unique and becoming someone’s copy is not what we shall become (I think I’ve said this one some time ago around here, hehe, but that’s the way I feel).
        As for Helena, even if she shows up with every part of her clothes mismatched, she will still have more class than those that are ridiculing her choices (and many others).
        Oh…and another thing: If someone doesn’t like what I (or you, or everyone else) am/is wearing, they have choice not to look instead of staring. Right? Wishing you a wonderful day!

      • I totally agree Dijana. I used to want to be a fashion designer and wore crazy clothes to school I have always been more of a fan of people like Betsey Johnson who are outrageous. I got made fun of a lot at my school in Kansas and decided against going into fashion. When I moved to NY I tried again but was disheartened by the lack of creativity in the industry so I got into stand-up comedy and did fashion jokes. Now that I can’t preform stand-up because I am taking care of Princess A. I blog now and love it because I can say and wear whatever I want. I love poeple who take risks and where outlandish outfits and I don’t understand why people care or get so upset when people dress differently… as you said they have a choice to look away!

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