For Freckles’ 2nd birthday we did his favorite thing… we went to Barnes and Noble. We don’t know why he likes it but he gets so excited to go there. Maybe it is because it is one of the few stores in our area that allows dogs. Princess A loves Barnes and Noble too because she loves to play with books! Even though it was Freckles’ birthday I got tons of cute pictures of Princess A!Here she is laughing because she pulled Freckles’ tail. I kept telling her to be nice because it’s his birthday but she didn’t listen!Another cute close up picture!This picture kills me because I had been trying to get a picture of her 2 new teeth for weeks and then this complete stranger came up to us and started talking to Princess A and she finally flashed those pearly whites long enough for a picture! I need to find this woman because Princess A still doesn’t show me her top teeth for pictures! The worst part was this woman kept telling me how cute my son was and I kept telling her that Princess A is a girl… she just looks good in light blue. Oh well, at least I got the picture!“Mom, stop taking pictures of me! It’s Freckles’ birthday and we need to pet him!” Princess A was right… I did need to focus more on Freckles. I turned around and my husband was already petting and cuddling with Freckles and as you can tell Freckles was very indifferent to the extra attention on his birthday!

Pants- 77 Kids (Gift from Aunt Stacey)

Onesie- ON SALE NOW for $12 at it comes in a 3 piece set

Stay Glamorous,




  1. My,my what beautiful teeth.

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