I am really upset that it hasn’t snowed in New York yet. Princess A has a  snow suit and sled but hasn’t got to use it once! Also, the husband bought me a fab pair of moon boots as an early Christmas gift and I haven’t got to use them either! Luckily my Mom and Sister bought me this Snow Angel gift set by Philosohpy. When I smell it I am reminded of playing in the snow as a child. This lotion and body wash will keep me pleased for a little bit but I better see some snow soon or I will be very sad!

Stay Glamorous,



8 responses to “NO SNOW?… NO PROBLEM!

  1. I will gladly box some of the stuff and ship it to you Shannon.

    Love the snow angel stuff – I wish the real thing put such a smile on my face 🙂

    I love your blog – it ALMOST makes me miss having a little one – almost. although I’d gladly trade a teenager for Her Highness.

  2. Urrg my little princess has turned into a little diva. I want her to be Princess A’s age again!!

    • LOL Princess A is a diva already!

      • I have just found out why my girl has been an uber diva for the last week when she woke up this morning horrorfied.. She has just got her monthly visitors!!! Omg in heaven save me!!! And talk about eating chocolate and crisps! I’m off to hide my damn ice cream uurrggggg

      • Awwwww, I hope she feels ok and gets through the week!

      • Thank you honey. I think I went into shock yesterday but I told her whatever she wanted or needed in any way and I was there for her. Aside from feeling bloated and achey she’s cursing males (so her 2 brothers are in hiding lol) and talked me into getting her some cute little desinger liners. She also now loves my heatable tigger wheat-pack, and the ice-cream didn’t make it out alive, and the container is MIA lol. Oh well, she’s worth it!!

      • ahhhhhhhh. i got mine yesterday and my husband got me some macaroons!

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