OMG A RAT!!!!!!

OMG A RAT!!!!! In a good way! I have a friend that is obsessed with rats so I got this Marc by Marc Jacobs rat key chain for her for Christmas and it only cost $1.50… yes I said $1.50. She loved it and thought I spent a ton of money on it because it is from Marc Jacobs!This is the other side of the key chain. This is not available online so to purchase contact call 212-929-9456 and ask for Langley at the Marc by Marc Jacobs New York store. See you don’t have to go broke buying your loved ones gifts!!!!!!

Stay Glamorous,



One response to “OMG A RAT!!!!!!

  1. Ok firstly, my kids have 2 pet rats and I have to admit I love them too as I am their primary caregiver lol. Secondly thank you again Shannon, great find. Now I know what to get her for her school bag this school year (she’s going to be in high school I’m so nervous) and we both LOVE Marc Jacobs!!! Now to hunt one down.

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