Princess A hates going to the pediatrician… even if she isn’t sick, not getting shots, and just going for a well baby visit. She especially hates being weighed and having her head measured and cries a ton. I guess I wouldn’t like getting weighed by a complete stranger every 3 months either.

Anyway, for her 9 month check-up I decided to dress up to make myself feel better about her potential and more likely inevitable crying. I decided to dress very 80’s. This picture doesn’t do a good job of showing it but my jeans are white cheetah print! I wore my favorite headband to cover my unwashed hair and some sunglasses to hide my sympathy tears!Underneath the sweater I wore a Lady Gaga for Barney’s tank top. Above is what the back of the tank top looks like.I also wore a cameo ring that The Husband bought for me in Italy on our Honeymoon. Cameos are BIG right now. I saw a cute Dolce and Gabbana cameo ring for sale at for $4,000 and I was sad I couldn’t afford it but then remembered my loving husband had bought me a cuter one for less money 3 years ago… he is always ahead of fashion trends.Princess A did cry a lot at her check-up but at least I looked good while comforting her! I still felt bad for her though and ending up getting a snowflake cookie on the way home to comfort myself! I hope your pediatrician appointments go smoothly or that you find a fabulous ensemble to wear to them!

Jeans- $69.95 Gap

Sweater- ON SALE NOW for $19 at Express

Earrings- ON SALE NOW for $7.90 Express (they come in a 3 piece earring set)

Sunglasses- Betsey Johnson (Gift)

Head Scarf- $250 Chanel… I bought it 10 years ago so it has been well worth the money

Shoes- Nordstrom Rack (Gift)

Ring- Italian Honeymoom Gift from The Husband

Tank Top- $28 Gaga’s Workshop at Barney’s

Stay Glamorous,




  1. This is what I wish I had done when taking mine to checl ups. I used to end up in a t shirt and some dowdy pants with joggers, messy hair (before I discorvered head scarfs) and looling like the living dead. You look gorgeous hon, loving the whole outfit! And kudos on the comfort food for you! I would always forget myself and not give mtlyself a little reward for jpb well done. Happy Mummy, Happy Baby.

  2. Sorry bad spelling. Left glasses in car lol

  3. I always going to the first year appointments. I hated the shots and everything because my girls cried. Feel for you and loved the outfit.

    • Amelia cries a ton and doesn’t like pacifiers so it’s hard to get her to stop crying 😦

      • My daughter still goes to pieces when she hears the word ‘needles’ and she turns 13 soon! Which reminds me she is due again for booster needles this year. Help!

      • Mine didn’t like them either which made it harder to quiet them down, I started bringing suckers when they got old enough as a reward for being so good for mommy at the doctor and for getting a shot. I kissed them to make it better and than gave it to them.

  4. Just had to comment to say I love the outfit. Too cute!

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