I decided to dress like a tulip for our trip to Amsterdam. I don’t have any tulip jewelry so I wore this ring.I wore earrings to match the ring and my favorite lollipop necklace! The yellow shit and green skirt was my way of being a tulip and honoring Amsterdam. Next time I go to Amsterdam I will wear some cute tulip jewelry but I think this outfit worked great considering I didn’t know I was going to go to Amsterdam until I was already in Europe.

Shirt- $59.90 Express

Belt-  $49.90 Express

Shoes- Nordstrom Rack (Gift)

Earrings and Ring- Betsey Johnson (Gift from my Father in Law)

Tights- $19.90 Express

Shirt- $14.90 Gap

Scarf-$35 Gaga’s Workshop at Barney’s

Necklace- $24 Gaga’s Workshop at Barney’s

Sunglasses- Betsey Johnson (Gift)

Stay Glamorous,



6 responses to “MY AMSTERDAM OUTFIT

  1. Loving the ring Shannon, AND the scarf.. The whole outfit is gorgeous!! How long will you be in Amsterdam for?

  2. Cool! Next time when you’re in Amsterdam, wear orange, that’s the national color. 😉

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