Amsterdam is a fabulous city but a very confusing one. We tried to go on a walking tour but we got horribly lost. We still had a lot of fun though!The Husband took this picture of me walking in Amsterdam and I love it!!!We found this cool sign though!Then we got even more lost. I don’t know why I am even holding a map at this point! It’s not like it helped us!Then we found this pink bike. If I lived in Amsterdam this would totally be my mode of transportation.Instead of beating ourselves up about being horrible navigators we decided to enjoy some Dutch Fries.The Husband especially enjoyed them!!!! I loved walking around Amsterdam even though we were lost. We probably found more unique things than we would have if we followed the walking guide.

Stay Glamorous,



5 responses to “LOST IN AMSTERDAM

  1. Beautiful pictures yet again girl. Europe is so beautiful, it’s so different to Australia in the respect that here we have no old architecture, we are such a new country.

  2. I love to see Amsterdam through the eyes of a Tourist!. I can’t believe people get lost in Amsterdam, but I’m walking around there since I was very little!.

    Next time, bring a map.
    Thank you for writing these great blogs about Amsterdam!.

    • We had a map and still got lost… we are New Yorker’s and used to the streets just being numbered. but we also had some adult fun that I can’t talk about on the blog which may have more to do with why we were lost.

      • Hahaha I can kinda imagine WHERE you got lost!
        I think i would get lost in New York or any other big city exept Amsterdam tho.

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